My Own Church

Your ministries and communications rely on accurate parishioner information and tools that support full engagement in parish life. ParishSOFT’s My Own Church is a mobile directory and secure parishioner portal that eases administration and improves the accuracy of your parishioner records while connecting members to places where they interact most with the Church.

Deliver Convenience to Your Parishioners with Online Year-End Statements through My Own Church

Hear from Amy Wall  how Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Parish in Ankeny, Iowa, in the Diocese of Des Moines, is saving time and money and promoting parishioner engagement using ParishSOFT Family Suite’s My Own Church parishioner portal. In this 2,500-family parish, Amy reports that they have reduced the number of year-end contribution statements that need to be printed, and then picked up or mailed to parishioners, to just 100 to 150. Watch the video to hear more!

How It Works

Part of ParishSOFT Family Suite, My Own Church integrates seamlessly with your Family Directory, Religious Education, Ministry Scheduler, and Offering & Pledges programs to deliver a user-friendly portal that parishioners and parish staff can access anytime, anywhere from the web.

Accept a change or registration submitted through My Own Church, and it’s instantly accessible from the programs in your ParishSOFT Family Suite. There’s no need to re-key any data into your system!

For Parishioners

Your members can log in to My Own Church with their unique usernames and passwords to do the following:

  • Register online to enroll any family member in an open faith formation class
  • Volunteer for ministries
  • Manage ministry scheduling and service preferences
  • See envelope and online giving history
  • Browse the online parish directory to connect with other members
  • Update family and member information, add photos and set privacy preferences
  • Access electronic giving statements at year-end or anytime
  • Support the accuracy of your parish records and reduce paper!

New users who don’t have an account can request a member login. The self-serve system offers clear, on-screen guidance to help people request a new My Own Church account. And, of course, your parish administrator validates all users before they are permitted access to your secure site.

For Parish Staff

Administrators and pastors use My Own Church to do the following:

  • Look up member information in the online pictorial directory before visiting homes and hospitals
  • Accept registrations and updates to member records and ministry preferences electronically
  • Improve the accuracy of parish census and reduce the administrative burden on parish staff
  • Maintain full control over member access and updates — changes to your parish database happen only with your approval
  • Bridge the gap between the invitation to take part in faith formation classes and ministries and the actual parishioner signup
  • Take full advantage of the integrated ParishSOFT Family Suite

My Own Church is the paperless, environmentally friendly way to support the connectedness of your entire parish… and it lets you entrust the spelling of things like “Székesfehérvár” and “Wojciechowski” to those who know best.

For My Own Church Marketing Kit, click here.  

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