Diocesan Summit 2022: Empower Your Mission

Ministry Brands and ParishSOFT welcome you to join us in beautiful San Diego, California on Aug 24-26, 2022 for two full days of education, networking, and fellowship. This is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from other dioceses, and engage in conversation about the ways we can serve you today and in the future. Reserve your spot today

For Dioceses

Support Your Diocese and Power Ministry with ParishSOFT

Support your ministry with a common technology platform across your entire diocese. ParishSOFT’s secure database solution connects parishes and dioceses to help them work together more effectively. With ParishSOFT, dioceses can manage parishioner information, parish accounting, charitable giving, and more from a single source.

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Benefits of Using ParishSOFT for Dioceses

  • Protect parishes against financial fraud
  • Standardize processes across your diocese
  • Centralize all parish information in a single database
  • Easily connect with parishioners in your diocese
  • Get real-time information to support your parishes
  • Make effective appeals and capital campaigns more effective



Get complete, accurate data for every family, sacrament, organization, staff member, and volunteer in your diocese with ParishSOFT Census. With Census’s built-in communication and reporting tools, connecting with parishioners, volunteers, and staff has never been easier.

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Accounting for Dioceses

Standardize and secure accounting processes across your entire diocese and help protect against fraud with ParishSOFT Accounting. Because ParishSOFT is a single, web-based platform, you can instantly access real-time accounting data from every parish in your diocese from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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Giving for Dioceses

ParishSOFT Giving makes it simple and convenient for parishioners to give one-time contributions or set up recurring contributions from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. With Giving, parishes close the contribution gap and get more predictable income.

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Development Manager

Make your appeals and capital campaigns more successful with ParishSOFT Development Manager. From managing fundraisers, pledges, and gifts to tracking campaign goals and parish incentives, Development Manager is a proven solution for dioceses across North America.

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Find out Why Dioceses Trust ParishSOFT

More than 9,000 parishes across North America trust ParishSOFT to manage their parishioner data, save time for their administrators, and ultimately support their ministries.

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