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Purchase Order

Creating purchase orders has never been easier. ParishSOFT’s secure, web-based purchase order tracking for parishes and schools makes it easy to create purchase orders to vendors in seconds. And you can track them in ParishSOFT Accounting.


Get Parish and Diocesan Staff What They Need

Purchase Order is a fast, accurate, and reliable solution for managing purchases. When you use our Purchase Order software, you eliminate the paperwork that slows down your parish or diocese. With ParishSOFT, you can get your parish or diocesan staff what they need when they need it.

Tracking Receiving in a Centralized Database

The ParishSOFT Purchase Order module maintains a record of each purchased items in one centralized database, allowing you to quickly check them off as they arrive. When your parish or diocesan staff needs to look up purchasing history, there’s no more searching. Everything is stored in one location, and it’s always up to date.

Simplify Accounts Payable

With ParishSOFT, all purchase information is stored in one place, so you’ll never get lost in a paper trail again. Conveniently split purchases between different departments or organizations within the diocese and quickly compare items on an invoice to its corresponding purchase order and packing slip.

Product Brief

Purchase Order