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Family Suite

Delivering decades of transformative tech solutions that enable growth and success in the digital age.

Family Suite is an all-in-one technology solution for Catholic parishes that streamlines communication, engagement, and organization.

Tools for online giving, event management, and member database management making it effortless for parishes to connect with their communities and manage their operations. A user-friendly platform that is customizable, and mobile-responsive so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Manage Member Records with Family Directory

Manage your family and member records online from any device, anytime. ParishSOFT Family Directory gives parish staff access to powerful census, record management, and communication tools built for efficiency and mobility.

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Track Contributions with Offering and Pledges

Track family and member contributions and manage pledges campaigns from one program. ParishSOFT Offering and Pledges is a powerful software solution that integrates with ParishSOFT Accounting. ParishSOFT Giving is included!

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Keep Organized with Religious Education

Catechesis is perhaps the Church’s most important ministry. With Religious Education, you can manage your entire faith formation program and make it all look easy. With robust scheduling and reporting, built-in communication tools, and online registration, keeping your education organized has never been so easy. ParishSOFT Tuition is free with Religious Education.

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Make It Convenient for Members to Give

ParishSOFT Giving provides predictable income, easy setup, and more ways to connect your parish that ever before. Members can give one-time or set up recurring giving. Plus, online forms are available to track registration for classes and events for easier registration and payment tracking.

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Engage Your Members with Ministry Scheduler

Recruit, engage, and involve your members in church life with our powerful program for complete ministry management. Members can volunteer and manage their personal service preferences on the web, making it easy — and really fast — for church staff to create accurate and balanced schedules.

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Build Custom Reports with Ease

ParishSoft Intelligent Query (IQ) is the easy-to-us custom query report builder designed to let churches pull the data they need. Whether you need a simple report or a more complex query involving multiple data fields, operations, or conditions, IQ makes it easy to get exactly the information needed to power the work of your organization.

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Send Members Alerts in Real Time

With ParishSOFT ParishCast, it’s easier than ever to reach people across generational and cultural barriers to increase your mission and boost stewardship and ministry. ParishCast is a flexible rapid notification system designed to help you get your message out to your congregation. From SMS text messages to integrations with your social media channels, ParishCast helps you cut through the noise and reach your constituents.

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