For Parishes

Accounts Receivable

Designed specifically for Catholic parishes and schools, ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable is an easy-to-use system that tracks invoices, due dates, payments, “customers,” deposits, and more. And all transactions are inherently connected with your chart of accounts, providing an even more complete and accurate picture of your true financial position.


Simplify Tracking and Billing

Whether you’re renting a church or school facility, managing a cemetery, or charging fees for special services, ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable keeps the details and reports available in a convenient web application that you can access securely at any time from any computer with an Internet connection.

Help Your Staff Be More Efficient

ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows for quick data entry. The system automates due dates and invoice payment mapping to save your staff time. Accounts Receivable also keeps a central chart of accounts for accounts receivable, payables, and payroll.

Streamline Invoice Management

From your ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable dashboard, you can see exactly which invoices are due and when. Your information is always up to date and reflects your true, current financial position of receivables and payables.

Product Brief

Accounts Receivable