For Parishes

Offering & Pledges

Track online giving, pledges, and donors with ParishSOFT Offering and Pledges, a web-based solution to provide seamless and secure giving and gift tracking with superb reporting to strengthen donor trust.

Designed for Catholic Churches

Offering and Pledges is signed for Catholic churches with their unique offering and pledge needs in mind. With Offering and Pledges, you can track your family and member contributions, manage pledge campaigns, and get the information you need for thank you letters, reports, and statements, all in a fresh, web-based program that delivers high-efficiency workflows to the parish office.

Time-Tested Functionality You Can Trust

All income is itemized to the proper funds and posted to the correct donors, using the same family and member records you maintain in your Family Directory program. And an audit trail documents all edits to all transactions, so you can ensure your data is always correct.

Save Time with Built-In Tools

Built-in tools like Quick Reports, dashboard-level search, filter, and export capabilities revolutionize reporting. Get the data where you need in — in the page you’re currently working — without having to open a separate query or reporting program.

Make Updates from the Parish Office or Home

Because Offering and Pledges is a browser-based program, you can easily access Offering and Pledge data from your parish office or from your home. All you need is an Internet-connected device.

Product Brief

Offering and Pledges