For Parishes

Intelligent Query

ParishSOFT Intelligent Query (IQ) is the easy-to-use custom query report builder designed to let churches pull the data they need from ParishSOFT Family Suite. Whether you need a simple report or a more complex query involving multiple data fields, operations, or conditions, IQ makes it easy to get exactly the information you need to power your ministry.

Enhance Decision Making at Your Parish

With IQ’s custom queries, you can quickly gather, report on, and share information with teams. Dynamic results from new and saved queries are always current and reliable, allowing well-informed data analysis and accurate parish and diocesan demographics.

Get the Answers You Need

Which families have children in faith formation classes but aren’t active in the parish? Who has stopped participating or making offertory contributions? Which members ages 15-19 have been baptized but have not been confirmed? With IQ, you can easily combine and compare data sets to get the answer to just about any questions you can ask about your records.

No Special Training Required

Unlike running custom queries in other databases, IQ doesn’t require any special training, knowledge of raw database structures, or expensive consultants to use. IQ was designed with parishes in mind, making it easy to get the information parishes need to power the work of the church and enhance the church’s decision making. With IQ, there’s also no danger of breaking anything. You can build and test new queries without fear.

Full Integration with ParishSOFT Family Suite

IQ integrates seamlessly with ParishSOFT Family Suite, and it uses the same records you maintain in your other ParishSOFT programs for families, members, sacraments, offering and pledges, and ministries. And like Family Suite, IQ is cloud-based, so it’s available from any computer or device with an Internet connection at any time. All backups and updates are automated, ensuring your records are safe and your staff always has the latest tools available.

Product Brief

Intelligent Query