For Dioceses


As the diocesan component of the web-based ParishSOFT Accounting for parishes and schools, Financial Consolidation is the command center that provides complete, dynamic financial reporting from each and every organization.

Technology to Support Every Parish and School

Financial Consolidation supports your diocesan policies, best practices, and oversight through built-in controls for user permissions, user activity tracking, audit support, chart of accounts management, closed periods, transaction detail drill-down, and the ability to support bookkeeping staff across your diocese in real-time.

Log in from Any Device

Because it’s web-based, you can access ParishSOFT Consolidation from any computer or device with Internet access. ParishSOFT Consolidation updates automatically, so diocesan finance department staff can trust that every location in the diocese is using the same version of the software and the same up-to-date tools.

Streamline Financial Management

All parish financials are in a single database and updated in real time, all the time — there’s no need to import or export data. Consolidation’s built-in controls, user activity tracking, and audit support give you a high-level view of your diocese. With Consolidation, you can also perform accounting functions on behalf of any organization or provide accounting as a service.

Product Brief