ParishSOFT’s Roadshows

We have heard from many of you that with the concerns over social distancing and budget constraints a face to face ParishSOFT Roadshow may not be possible this year.  We want to continue to offer you valuable educational opportunities that can save your users time and money.

For the remainder of 2020, we will be offering Virtual Roadshows that can be customized to your users’ needs just like we have done with the face-to-face events.  This will allow you to reduce the costs involved with holding an event but still allow you to offer resources that can help your users be more effective in their ministry.  We still feel there is a unique value in in-person events and hope to resume those next year.

If you are interested in learning more or hosting a Virtual Roadshow please contact Trisha Barth at


Below are some frequently asked questions about our roadshows we hope you find helpful.  If you have any specific questions and would like to contact us, you may fill out our online form or call 866-930-4774 x1902 to speak with Trisha Barth.


What are the Roadshows?

ParishSOFT Roadshows are a low-cost opportunity for an arch/diocese and its parishes to attend regional workshops presented by ParishSOFT experts and to network with other ParishSOFT users in your area. The information presented is designed to equip your users with tools to increase their effectiveness in leveraging the ParishSOFT solutions in their day-to-day ministry to save them both time and money. It is also a great opportunity to explore additional features or products you may not be using that could enhance your ministry.


Can We Customize the Classes and Educational Tasks That Are Covered?

Yes. We have a series of standard workshops for you to choose from to create educational tracks for Family Suite and Accounting.  The curriculum is entirely flexible and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your arch/diocese and parishes. Contact us to learn more.


When Will Our Roadshow Take Place?

ParishSOFT will work with you to select a date for your event that will work for your arch/diocese and parishes.  However, dates are on a first come, first served basis and our calendar is filling up fast!  If you are interested in possibly hosting a roadshow for your parishes, please contact us as soon as possible.


How long does a roadshow event last?

Most roadshows will be one day in length, starting around 9:00 a.m. with registration and ending at approximately 3:00 p.m. However, depending on the needs of your arch/diocese and parishes, you may need more than one day or a modified daily schedule.  Contact us to discuss what you envision for your arch/diocese and parishes.

Will the Roadshow take place entirely online?

Yes.Usually, the location of your Roadshow is one of the first items discussed when you speak to a member of the ParishSOFT planning team. However, due to each Virtual Roadshow being held exclusively online your parishes can attend from any location. Contact us to discuss how to best create a Virtual Roadshow for your arch/diocese.


What is the cost for our users to attend?

The registration fee for the Roadshow is $39 per person.  The arch/diocese may choose to cover this cost for the attendees or have the parishes pay the fee during the registration process.


What is the cost to the arch/diocese for hosting a Virtual Roadshow?

There are costs related to the registration fees to consider when deciding if hosting an event is feasible for your arch/diocese. Contact us and we can provide you with more detailed information so that you can determine the best way to budget for an event.


We are interested in hosting a Virtual ParishSOFT Roadshow!  Who can I speak with for more information?

Fill out our online contact us form or call Trisha Barth at 866-930-4774 x1902. We will discuss all the details and help you select the date and workshops that will best meet your needs.

We believe that ParishSOFT is the best product in the marketplace for parish accounting software.

Bill Weldon, CPA – Chief Financial Officer, Diocese of Charlotte


With our one-day or multi-day workshops, we bring the training to you. And we can customize all the training curriculum for your parish and arch/diocese’s needs.

We offer two workshops classifications: Beginner and Intermediate.

Our Beginner-level workshops are designed to share fundamental information about our products or common workflows that will help users be effective in leveraging ParishSOFT tools. While much of the information presented may be review for long-time ParishSOFT users, experienced users may learn new tips since we are regularly updating software functionality.

Our Intermediate-level workshops are designed to present products, features and concepts that will help you go beyond the basic use of your ParishSOFT systems. While this tends to be information geared towards more experienced users that isn’t always the case, so don’t let the intermediate label scare you away from attending. Some features are deemed intermediate or more advanced because they are things users are generally not ready for until they have mastered the basic tasks they need to accomplish in the program. The items we present in these workshops are intended to help you move to the next level of use so that you can further support your ministry and organizational growth through your use of ParishSOFT.

Our staff will bring the training to you, for either one day or several days.  Plus, all of the details and training curriculum can be customized to meet the unique needs for both your arch/diocese and your parishes.

We have created a list of workshops that we currently plan to make available for our 2020 roadshows. You can download the list in PDF format here.