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ParishSOFT Accounting for Dioceses

ParishSOFT Accounting’s single, standard, web-based platform gives dioceses real-time, integrated financial management and optimized support. Discover powerful fund accounting that’s affordable, easy to use, and designed specifically for parishes, schools, and diocesan organizations.

Lift the Reporting Burden

With ParishSOFT Accounting, your organization gets a common platform, down to the parish and school level.

Each easy-to-use ParishSOFT Accounting module shares the same database, so there’s no need for parish staff to create accounting reports manually. Your diocese always has real-time access to each parish’s full accounting information. It’s just a click away from any Internet-enabled device.




Ledger and Payables

Get instant, secure access to church and school financial information from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with ParishSOFT Ledger and Payables. Track bills, deposits, projects, restricted funds, journal entries, and budgets for every department, project, and committee with ease.

Track Your Finances

Purchase Order

With ParishSOFT Purchase Orders, you gain greater visibility into your organization’s actual spending. Create purchase orders in seconds and track them so you can report on your organization’s financial data with confidence.

Get Spending Visibility




Manage payroll, deductions, benefits, special clergy allowances, and personal time with confidence. All payroll is automatically tracked in your general ledger, so there’s never any need for duplicate data entry or special imports.

Simplify Your Payroll

Accounts Receivable

ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable is an easy-to-use system specifically designed to help churches and schools track invoice, due dates, payments, “customers,” deposits, and more. And all transactions are inherently connected with your chart of accounts.

Make Receivables Easy




ParishSOFT Consolidation is your financial command center. Consolidation provides financial roll-up from each organization, transaction detail drill-down, and the ability to perform accounting functions from your diocesan system for any organization.

Streamline Financial Reporting

Fixed Assets

Ideal for small and large organizations alike, ParishSOFT Fixed Assets lets you keep track and account for the costs of large and small assets, including buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more. Fixed Assets supports informed management and reporting of your organization’s owned assets.

Effectively Manage Assets



Ledger Report Writer

With ParishSOFT’s fully-integrated Ledger Report Writer, you can create custom consolidated or organizational-level statements of activity and financial position from your general ledger to deliver accurate, real-time financial data.

Create Custom Reports

Considering QuickBooks?

ParishSOFT Accounting is a purpose-built accounting solution for parishes, dioceses, and schools. See the key differences between ParishSOFT Accounting and QuickBooks.

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