Giving Marketing Kit

Whether you’ve just started using ParishSOFT Giving or you’ve had the program for a while, it’s always important to encourage your parishioners to sign up!

At ParishSOFT, we want to help you be more proactive with encouraging stewardship in your parish.

Here are some of our ideas. Consider these resources as starting points as you “market” your online giving program to your church.

Initial Launch Checklist

Get your giving program off to a powerful start with these initial tasks and communications to your church members. Use this checklist in your planning meetings with parish staff, pastor, and finance/parish council.

Ongoing Promotion Checklist

Keep your giving program “in the news” at your church increase participation even after your big launch. Pick a few of these promotion ideas to keep the giving alive.


Get the word out about ParishSOFT Giving! We’ve got text ready to go for multiple seasons and initiatives. Use these in your bulletin, on your website, and at the pulpit.


Incentivize members to get started with ParishSOFT Giving by running a marketing campaign. Our campaigns include ideas for promotions, prizes, and ways to track the progress of your campaign. There’s also a checklist to help you customize the campaign and use it at your parish!


From “I Gave Online” collection basket cards, to marketing posters, to informational handouts, to offertory cards, we’ve got you covered! These resources can be downloaded, customized for your parish, and printed.

Moving Donors

The resources you need to retain donors and scheduled gifts as you move from your Legacy System to ParishSOFT Giving.