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Fixed Assets

Your organization’s assets are substantial investments. Whether your organization is large or small, tracking and accountability of those assets is an important job. ParishSOFT’s Fixed Assets program lets you keep tabs on buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more, so you’ll always have accurate, detailed records. As a fully integrated add-on module in ParishSOFT Accounting, Fixed Assets supports informed management and reporting of the assets your organization owns.

Get Detailed Tracking on Everything You Own

With ParishSOFT Fixed Assets, you can organize everything you own in a single place and make notes on all the details for each asset, including:

  • Unique record for each asset owned
  • Date of purchase
  • Location
  • Who has the asset
  • Warranty information
  • Insurance providers and valuations
  • Maintenance schedules and notifications
  • Cost
  • Depreciation (optional)
  • Sales/disposal

See Your Financial Picture Clearly

With Fixed Assets, you can see a complete financial picture of your organization, including what assets you own and what they are worth. Fixed Assets gives you an accurate inventory of every asset to help you reduce risk and costs as well as enable better overall management of your organization’s property.

Easily Track Assets Across Churches

Fixed Assets features an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for any member of your staff to track and manage assets across churches quickly and accurately. Tracking your assets in Fixed Assets also helps improve accountability to donors, governing boards, finance councils, and other leaders.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets