ParishSOFT Census

ParishSOFT Census is your trusted source for complete, accurate data for every family, sacrament, organization, staff member, and volunteer in your diocese. The Census program also provides the tools you need to manage staff positions and control administrative functions for your ParishSOFT Diocesan Suite. When you need to contact all business managers — or just those newly confirmed — in your diocese, Census makes it easy to find them and provides built-in communication and reporting tools so you can generate an email, letter, or report quickly and easily. And single-source records mean you see exactly the same information as staff at the parish see, so you can be confident that your information is as accurate as it can be. Includes the built-in Intelligent Query (IQ) program for data mining, queries, and robust reporting.

Census and Appeals

Browser-based, single-database technology to power Catholic evangelization and development at every parish and diocesan office.


ParishSOFT’s web-based solutions are designed with a simple philosophy: give the whole diocese a common platform that helps the diocese and parishes work together more effectively to accomplish the work of the Church.

To accomplish that synergy, ParishSOFT provides modular, integrated products for church management, diocesan management, and development, all of which connect to a single database. At any given moment, parish staff and pastors have access to the most up-to-date information about their parishioners and ministries. The diocese, empowered by the same real-time data, has accurate, on-demand information to support parishes; manage staff and organizations; and power ministry, evangelization, and appeals efforts. And with everyone on a common technology platform, the entire diocese gains a standard environment for centralized training, best practices, policies, and services. ParishSOFT  allows the diocese to help, serve, and collaborate with parishes like never before.

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ParishSOFT’s modular church management products in the Family Suite allow your diocese to give every parish staff and pastor the administrative tools and data they need to manage all their ministries and better serve parishioners. ParishSOFT Diocesan Suite gives diocesan staff powerful programs to manage census information, appeals, online giving, data mining, and reporting. With ParishSOFT, the formation and evangelization, finance and development, and pastoral care efforts of the whole diocese are always informed by real-time data that staff can access securely from anywhere they have Internet access.

Diocesan Management

Diocesan management tools that provide the on-demand accuracy only a single-database web solution can deliver through tools that manage:

  • Organizations
  • Staff
  • Census & sacraments
  • Appeals & giving
  • Data mining & reporting
  • And much more

Parish Management

Smarter Catholic software that helps pastors and staff to better know, serve, and stay connected with parishioners through tools that manage:

  • Families & members
  • Sacraments
  • Offering & pledges
  • Religious education
  • Ministry scheduling
  • Parishioner portal
  • And much more


ParishSOFT complements its powerful product offering with services that make us not just a software company but a strategic technology partner. Every diocese brings its own set of unique needs to the table, as well as policies and best practices that continually inform the collective knowledge of our staff. Whether your diocese needs project management, gap analysis, data services, business process re-engineering, change management, or other types consulting, our team of diocesan specialists offers a finely tuned, proven approach to organized and collaborative services to help your organization be successful, happy customers. We have helped dioceses implement ParishSOFT’s web-based solutions in thousands of churches and schools. For an analysis of your software and services needs, or for a referral from a current user, please contact us.