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ParishSOFT Development Manager

ParishSOFT Development Manager with integrated online giving is designed to help dioceses conduct more efficient, successful appeals and capital campaigns.

Integrated with ParishSOFT Diocesan Suite, Development Manager tracks all the details and statistics of your annual appeal and delivers up-to-the-minute data and robust reporting any time you need it.

Manage Diocesan Appeals

With ParishSOFT Development Manager’s integrated software and professional services, your diocese can achieve more successful appeals. From managing fundraising, pledges, and gifts to tracking campaign goals and parish incentives to online giving and lockbox options, ParishSOFT Development Manager is a proven solution that delivers:

  • Higher mailing and data accuracy
  • Parish self-service reports
  • Comprehensive reporting on the web
  • Integration with census, online giving, and your local bank
  • Insight into giving patterns and trends

Achieve Your Goals with More Successful Appeals

As part of the total web-based solution for dioceses, ParishSOFT Development Manager tracks annual appeals and delivers up-to-the-minute data any time you need it. Because the single database of family and member information comes directly from your parishes to power your appeals process, the communications you create for every stage of your campaign are much more likely to reach donors. The result: Increased levels of giving with less administrative effort and cost.

Identity Donor Giving Patterns

With Development Manager, you can work smarter — not harder. Over time, Development Manager collects data on your donors’ giving history. With this information, you can identify donor giving patterns over time, allowing you to anticipate trends and tailor your campaign efforts for greater impact.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Success Story: Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

Find out how the Archdiocese of Detroit used ParishSOFT’s Development Manager to improve the performance of its annual appeal.

“[Development Manager] will let us give pastors better information that they can use to meet their parish CSA goals.”
– Terry Kach, Associate Director of Annual Appeal
Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

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