The ParishSOFT Advantage

Purpose-built for Catholic organizations by Catholics, ParishSOFT empowers parishes and dioceses to expand their ministries through an integrated suite of software solutions.

More than 9,000 parishes and 185 arch/dioceses trust ParishSOFT to help them improve communication with their parishioners and put time back on their side.


How ParishSOFT Works

ParishSOFT is a browser-based church management software that safely and securely stores all your parish or diocese’s records in the cloud. We train your staff to use ParishSOFT to input parishioner data, manage sacramental records, track family and member giving contributions, and more.


Single Database Solution

Every product in the ParishSOFT family share a single database, giving you immediate access to the most up-to-date information from anywhere. With a centralized database, you can keep your data clean across your parish or diocese and more easily manage parishioner information, sacramental records, religious education programs, volunteer recruitment, and more.


Centralized Training, Best Practices, Policies, and Services

Our comprehensive, centralized training program gets your staff up-to-speed on the ParishSOFT software and teaches them best practices refined by thousands of parishes and hundreds of dioceses. Our complete “how-to” training sessions are built specifically for your organization, focusing on how your organization will use ParishSOFT.


Ideal for Small and Large Parishes

ParishSOFT is powerful enough to work for the largest parishes, but we also cater to small parishes as well. Every day, we work with small and large parishes to understand their specific needs and help them get the most out of ParishSOFT. Whether you’re a small or large parish, we can customize ParishSOFT to fit your needs.


Real-Time Information Empowers the Diocese and Serves Parishes

With ParishSOFT, all your data goes with you, no matter where you are. Your data is just a click away on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With real-time information at your fingertips from anywhere and at any time, diocese can better support their parishes, better manage staff, and better power their ministry through evangelization and appeals efforts.


New Possibilities

With ParishSOFT, church management is just the beginning. ParishSOFT’s other modules make it easy for your parish or diocese to manage online giving, manage church resources, and more. And with our vast network of software partners, we can help you find the software solutions you need to power your ministry.

ParishSOFT rose above the competition and met all the requirements that the team established. I can’t wait to begin using ParishSOFT at St. Charles!

Chris Rauch, Director of Business Affairs
St. Cecilia, Cincinnati, OH
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Why Choose Us

  • Save time and money with software designed specifically to help Catholic parishes and their ministries
  • Improve communication by effortlessly merging your ParishSOFT data with Word® and Excel®
  • Manage all aspects of church ministry, including full sacramental records, religious education programs, and volunteer recruitment and scheduling
  • Access your church records anytime, anywhere
  • Accept gifts, pledges, and fees through your church’s personalized, secure Online Giving web page
  • Let parishioners update their personal information, view giving history, and see ministry opportunities and assignments
  • Access your Ledger, Payables, and Payroll anytime, anywhere using our premiere web-based ParishSOFT Accounting software, designed specifically for Catholic churches and schools
  • Track contributions, pledges, and tuition and produce professional contribution statements
  • Easily connect and communicate with families and members via email, voice, text, web, and U.S. mail
  • Get the information you need fast, using Parish IQ and comprehensive reporting

Meet Our Partners

ParishSOFT is a proud part of Ministry Brands, a family of software companies dedicated to empowering churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations in a digital world. ParishSOFT customers can expand on their ParishSOFT software with a number of services available from our Ministry Brands partners listed below.

Tads logo

For more than 50 years, TADS has been helping schools deliver a better experience for administrators and families by automating the most critical school management functions.

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Ekklesia 360 logo
Ekklesia 360

Church Websites powered by the Ekklesia360 Content Management System. We build easy to use, beautiful church websites that get ministry results.

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Clover Sites logo
Clover Sites

Clover Sites allows you to create a church website that is beautifully designed and represents your ministry. Since its inception, Clover Sites has maintained the focus on creating beautiful, easy-to-use products for the church.

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MinistryOne logo

MinistryOne is the new mobile church app created by people who really get the Church. Developed so you can encourage your members to stay engaged any day of the week, this new app has powerful features including giving, multimedia, events, prayer requests, and so much more

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ChurchStreamingTV logo

ChurchStreaming.tv provides livestreaming for parishes of all sizes. For those who are unable to be at mass in person, they can still participate and feel like a part of their parish. Those who are homebound or in the hospital can continue to participate in Mass.

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ShareFaith logo

Sharefaith has partnered with over 100,000 churches globally in expanding their outreach in proclaiming Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior. We do this through creating cutting-edge media and technology resources that equip the entire ministry team.

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Protect My Ministry logo
Protect My Ministry

With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states, Protect My Ministry is committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission.

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The Rocket Company logo
The Rocket Company

So we started GivingRocket.com in 2010 to help churches have more money for ministry through increased giving. Our goal was to provide top-shelf ministry coaching at affordable pricing.

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Faith Direct logo
Faith Direct

Faith Direct has brought together professionals from church development, fundraising and marketing, IT, sales and customer service to provide the leading full-service automated giving program.

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