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What is PATHFinder?

We have created a powerful training tool to help you learn the ParishSOFT software solutions and get the most out of the tools you are using every day.

PATHFinder, ParishSOFT’s Learning Management System (LMS), is a very valuable resource that has over 100 training courses to assist your organization’s learning.  The best news is that the basic training courses are included with your annual software licensing so there is no added cost to you to use this tool.

PATHFinder is a Learning Management System, or LMS for short, that stands for all the following:

  • Learning, because you’ll be learning ParishSOFT software through specific online courses.
  • Management, because it helps you keep track of what you’ve learned and what you still need to learn.
  • System, finally, the word system is just a fancy word that translates to “software.”

PATHFinder Benefits

ParishSOFT’s PATHFinder allows you to complete a set of courses based on your individual training needs, at a time and pace that fits your schedule.

  • Content available for Family Suite, Accounting and Giving as well as for parish and diocesan
  • There are tools such as assessments to help you reinforce what you have learned and measure your comprehension of the key concepts.
  • There are predetermined learning paths, based on your role or knowledge level, to help you easily identify what you need to learn But, you can take any of the standard courses that you wish.
  • A user’s first online course will be our PATHFinder Overview which will teach you how to use the PATHFinder LMS and get the most out of your ongoing online learning experience.
  • Monthly Ask the Expert sessions are offered by experienced ParishSOFT trainers for users that have completed courses, to answer questions that may not have been answered by the course content.

PATHFinder Premium Now Available

ParishSOFT creates educational content that goes beyond the program and can include tips, tricks or best practices that we have learned in our over 20 years of experience working with dioceses and parishes around the country. The content is not essential to use the program but information that can bring added value to your ministry work. We offer this information to you as part of the PATHFinder Premium service. Each course in PATHFinder Premium can be purchased separately and is yours to watch as many times as you like from your learner dashboard. Each course costs $10/per learner. Many of these courses also offer resource materials that can help you put into action what you learn in the course. PATHFinder Premium can help you take your ministry and use of ParishSOFT products to the next level. If you have an idea for a course you would like to see, please share it with us at

Team Lead Service

Your organization relies on employees that are well trained on their ParishSOFT tools. Access to the PATHFinder Team Lead functionality will allow you to track the progress of your staff and volunteers in ParishSOFT’s Learning Management System, PATHFinder.

Benefits of Team Lead

  1. Access your team dashboard
  2. Monitor your learners progress on PATHFinder Learning Paths and Courses
  3. Assign Learning Paths and Courses to your team or selected learners
  4. See all PATHFinder learners that are part of your team
  5. Report on Courses, People, and Module activity taken by your team learners
  6. Send emails to your team
  7. Create custom reports for your team
  8. Receive a unique self-sign up code specific to your team

We invite you to take a tour of this exciting service available to your organization in this short video:

Watch Video.

The Implementation Process for Team Lead

After you purchase this service you will be contacted by our Professional Services team to set you up with team lead access. Our team will help you with the initial set up of users, via an import, as well as give you a signup code to allow future users at your organization to use the PATHFinder Learning Management System. PATHFinder courses will be assigned to you to train you on how to leverage all the benefits of the team lead process so you can be successful in using this tool and grow the knowledge of your users. Knowledge is power and we want to empower you to support ongoing learning in your organization.

How to Get Started

We are confident that PATHFinder will be a valuable tool to help you be successful with the ParishSOFT applications you use and invite you to get started on your journey to success today!

If you have already created a login for PATHFinder:

Login Here

If you need information on how to create a login or have other questions about PATHFinder, please contact our Training team at or 866-930-4774 x4.  We would be happy to assist you on your learning journey!