Efficient Tuition Management for Churches and Schools

If your parish charges families for religious education, faith formation, or school tuition, the web-based ParishSOFT Tuition is just the program you need to keep all the details organized, searchable, and reportable. Features include:

  • Easy, accurate and fast invoicing
  • Up-to-date payment tracking
  • Statements and reports that show exactly what was paid and what is due, by family or fund
  • Included with the ParishSOFT Religious Education module

Tuition is already integrated with ParishSOFT Family Suite and uses the same family records you maintain in your Family Directory program. As a result, when it comes time to create tuition invoices, your customers are already in the database! If you have a new family—no problem! Just add them to your Family Directory and their record is instant available for tuition invoicing.

Invoice templates save church staff time by instantly populating the default information on your invoices. That’s why ParishSOFT Tuition lets you add an unlimited number of funds and set up as many templates as you need to make creating invoices fast and easy. The program’s invoice items library lets you build a catalog of your unique, billable items, including details like item description and price. Funds, templates, and invoice items all work together to deliver professional-looking invoices, statements, and reports that are always consistent and always accurate.

If you would like a product demonstration or wish to put ParishSOFT Tuition to work for your parish, please register for a demo or contact us.

ParishSOFT Tuition Features & Benefits

  • Designed specifically for Catholic religious education and school tuition
  • Integrates with ParishSOFT products
  • Connected to Family Directory records
  • Activity report that shows what’s been paid and what is owed for a particular fund
  • Advanced search tools to help you find customers and invoice information fast
  • Modern interface with fresh workflow designed for efficiency
  • Anytime, anywhere access to records tools and pastoral information from any compatible browser
  • Automated data backups and updates
  • Online Help

Product Brief


ParishSOFT Tuition


Upgrading from Desktop Tuition?

Because the desktop Tuition program’s data does not meet the requirements of the new and more robust ParishSOFT Tuition system, data migration (or conversion) is not available. Your ParishSOFT representative can help you determine the best time for your organization to make the switch to begin a fresh start in the ParishSOFT Tuition system. If you have final balances due in your desktop Tuition software, you may continue to use that program to close out your previous school year. You may also choose to set up a fund for past-due balances in order to carry them forward into ParishSOFT’s web-based software.

System Requirements: ParishSOFT Tuition requires no special hardware.