Empower your parish with the tools to let your voice be heard!

ParishCast from ParishSOFT has the tools and technology that your parish needs to improve communications and notify parishioners in the event of an emergency.

ParishCast helps you reach people across generational and cultural barriers to increase your mission and boost stewardship and ministry. Time is a priceless resource in the ministry of your parish. That’s why ParishCast gives you the ability to easily connect with your parishioners, visitors, volunteers, ministry leaders ̶ and even the local community ̶ when you need it the most.

ParishCast is also cost-effective and is dedicated to making it easier for your parish to connect to everyone associated with your ministry, anytime, anywhere. ParishCast messages can be used for all your parish’s messaging needs including events, schedule changes, quick surveys, emergencies, volunteer sign-ups, prayer requests, devotionals, and much more.

Innovative Technology

  • Phone calls in your voice or text-to-speech
  • SMS text messaging
  • Bulk email messaging with advanced analytics and open statistics
  • Social media integration
  • Recipient language preferences
  • Automated severe weather alerts to help keep your parishioners, ministry leaders, and volunteers safe at all times, day or night
  • Quickly send alerts from the office, from home, or even on the go, with ParishCast’s Mobile Command Center App

Web Portal & Mobile Command Center

  • Send (or schedule) alerts, integrate contact information from a computer, iOS, or an Android mobile device
  • Sync alerts to social media accounts
  • Assign user privileges, manage account details, create and store message templates
  • Track the success of your messages with advanced reports
  • Optional access available for recipients to edit their contact information from within your account

Interactive Voice Response

  • Voice messages can be recorded in your own voice and sent from anywhere in the world
  • Option of using any mobile or landline phone combined with the ParishCast Interactive Voice Response Phone System
  • Easy toll-free number access allows you to send a message to everyone in your ParishCast system or to only specific groups

ParishCast Features

Everything your church needs for the best possible communication experience for your members, visitors, and ministry partners.

Innovative Texting
According to Morgan Stanley, 97% of text messages are opened vs. only 5% of emails. Be sure your message is received with ParishCast. ParishCast’s innovative texting features give limitless possibilities to texting messages. ParishCast administrators can send informative text messages complete with file attachments.

Email Messaging with Advanced Analytics and Open Statistics
ParishCast Administrators are able to confidently measure the success of email messages with Advanced Email Tracking. ParishCast’s Advanced Email Tracking feature provides useful information regarding your email alerts. It allows administrators the ability to instantly access the success achieved by your email messages.

Social Media Integration
According to PEW Research Center, 74% of adults use social networking sites. ParishCast allows you the opportunity to communicate with your members where they are by providing you with the option to post your messages on your personal, church and/or ministry social media accounts.

Recipient Language Preferences
One size doesn’t always fit all. Some users want to hear from you in different ways and languages. ParishCast’s “User Language Preferences” feature enables administrators to quickly and effectively communicate to all recipients in their preferred language.

Automated Severe Weather Alerts
Ensure key decision makers receive weather information directly from The National Weather Service to keep your staff, members, visitors and ministry partners safe. Receive alerts for weather events in your area in five easy steps, using the ParishCast Weather Monitor.

Message Templates
There are some messages you tend to repeat often. Use ParishCast Templates to create and store your voice, text to speech, email and text messages for future use. Create templates for welcome greetings, invitations to events, schedule changes, and more with ParishCast.

Voice Alerts within Email, Text Messages, and Social Media Messages
Sharing a link to your voice alert can be a big time-saver while providing an additional solution for quickly reaching your voice alert recipients. ParishCast’s Voice Alerts within Email and Text feature offers flexible delivery of voice alerts. Proactively ensure all your recipients hear your message by providing a link to your voice alert within email, text and social media.

User Dashboard
You may choose to allow members to gain access to the User Dashboard. Here, members can update and add their contact information. Doing so, also allows members to share in the responsibility of data accuracy. The User Dashboard also provides members with the ability to view and retrieve any time/date stamped alert or message sent.

Immediate Message Delivery & Reports
Knowing who in your database has an invalid phone number or email address will help you clean-up your contacts and speed up performance of delivering messages. In this age of ever changing contact information, ParishCast reports can be a database manager’s best friend. It not only quickly gathers your inaccurate contact information but it also provides information on if the recipient received your message!

Emergency Quick Launch
In a crisis or emergency, every second counts. Saving a few steps to launch your alert or message can be most helpful. The “Emergency Quick Launch” tool was specifically designed to keep everyone in your church safe and informed during a crisis situation. It allows administrators the ability to quickly get a message out to everyone associated with your church utilizing multiple forms of communication.

Listen to our Text to Speech Voices

UK English: Bridget (female)

US English: Joan (female)

US English: Kate (female)

US English: Paul (male)

Mexican Spanish: Violeta (female)

Pay-As-You-Go Service Plan

# of Credits Purchased Cost Per Credit
5,000 to 9,999 $0.065
10,000 to 14,999 $0.060
15,000 to 19,999 $0.055
20,000 to 49,999 $0.050
50,000 to 99,999 $0.045

Voice Calls use one credit for up to a two-minute call (calls longer than 2 minutes are charged an additional credit per minute).

Text Messages use 1/2 credit per message.

Want to learn more?

Call us at 866-930-4774 x6 to hear how ParishCast and how it can improve communication with parishioners, visitors, ministry leaders, and volunteers.

ParishCast Ensures that Your Message is Heard Anywhere

Read our blog post on ParishCast, which is cost-effective and is dedicated to making it easier for your parish to connect to everyone associated with your ministry, anytime, anywhere. ParishCast messages can be used for all your parish’s messaging needs including events, schedule changes, quick surveys, emergencies, volunteer sign-ups, prayer requests, devotionals, and much more.




“It is a wonderful and easy system that allows us to get information to our congregation almost instantly with just one phone call.  Unlike some products, there’s no equipment to buy which is a big advantage.”

Reverend Ronnie M.
Harrell’s Chapel Original Free Will Baptist

“Our church has started using it as a way to send mass communication.  We are very pleased with the ease of the system, response time of customer service reps, and the relationship built with our account manager. In a time of emergency, we needed to send information out to thousands of people within minutes.  This product gave us that.  It is a great communication tool that has been an asset to our organization.”

Michelle B.
Administrative Coordinator – Business Operations
Faith Chapel Christian Center

“It has been phenomenal for our church.  It has opened our doors of communication greatly! The flexibility of being able to send church-wide messages from anywhere at anytime – we couldn’t ask for better!”

Amy S.
Director of Children’s and Communication Ministries
Gardendale Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church