Offering and Pledges


ParishSOFT Offering and Pledges allows you to track your family and member contributions, manage pledge campaigns, and get the information you need for thank you letters, reports, and statements, all in a fresh, web-based program that delivers high-efficiency workflows to the parish office.

Built-in tools like Quick Reports, dashboard-level search, filter, and export capabilities, are revolutionizing reporting! The result is data where you need it—in the page where you’re currently working—without having to open a separate query or reporting program.

Part of the ParishSOFT Family Suite, the Offering and Pledges module delivers the time-tested functionality you can trust. Make updates quickly, easily, and securely from either the parish office or from home!

ParishSOFT Giving, included with Offering and Pledges, features the time-tested functionality on which thousands of parishes rely to manage funds and batches, control user access, post contributions to individual members or families, and even manage their own pledge campaigns – but with enhanced functionality for online giving, text-based giving, and giving kiosks. Plus, ParishSOFT Giving integrates with Offering and Pledges.

Deliver Convenience to Your Parishioners with Online Year-End Statements through My Own Church

Hear from Amy Wall  how Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Parish in Ankeny, Iowa, in the Diocese of Des Moines, is saving time and money and promoting parishioner engagement using the ParishSOFT Family Suite’s My Own Church parishioner portal. In this 2,500-family parish, Amy reports that they have reduced the number of year-end contribution statements that need to be printed, and then picked up or mailed to parishioners, to just 100 to 150. Watch the video to hear more!

Offering and Pledges Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Catholic Parishes
  • Integrated with ParishSOFT Family Suite
  • Modern, Fresh Interface with Efficient Workflow
  • Unique User Accounts for Each Person
  • True, Web-Based Program, so All Records, Tools, and Reporting are Available on Any Device
  • Automated Data Backups and Updates
  • Electronic Statements Available to Parishioners Anytime

Contribution Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View Giving History, Post Payments
  • Daily Postings
  • Postings List View: Instant Search, Sort, Filter, Export
  • Dramatically Improved Filtering, Search, and Export
  • Move a Posted Transaction to Another Batch or Another Pledge (no need to delete and re-enter)
  • Daily Postings Quick Report
  • Audit Trail for Edits
  • Import Pledges and Contributions from ParishSOFT Giving
  • Barcode Scanning

Fund Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Set Fund Permissions, Establish Pledge Requirement
  • Fund Activity Date Ranges
  • Instant Search, Sort, Filter, Export

Batch Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Close Batches
  • Include Pledges in Batches
  • Batch List View: Instant Search, Sort, Filter, Export
  • Audit Trail for Edits
  • Batch Details Quick Report
  • Batch List Quick Reports: by Description of Batch or Fund, Date Opened / Closed, Status of Opened / Closed, Cash Amount, Pledge Amount, Balance, Transaction Count
  • Batch Search

Pledge Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, View History, Set Up Multiple and Empty ($0) Pledges
  • Pledge List View: Instant Search, Sort, Filter, Export
  • Change Pledge Associated with a Contribution
  • Pledge Details Quick Report


  • Date Range Contributions
  • Daily Postings
  • Quick Reports Located in Main View (Access® not needed!)
  • Pledge Details
  • Envelope Numbers

ParishSOFT Accounting Integration

  • Automatic Deposit Entries Generated from Contribution and Pledge Entries

System Requirements: ParishSOFT Offering requires no special hardware and no data conversion (for current ParishSOFT desktop Offering and Pledges users).

Seamless Integration with ParishSOFT Accounting

Streamline your workflow even further when you use ParishSOFT Offering with the ParishSOFT Accounting system. Just enter your contributions and pledges in Offering as usual, and once you close the batch, it automatically posts the deposit entry to your general ledger in the ParishSOFT Accounting program.

Product Brief


ParishSOFT Offering and Pledges

Watch a Preview!

Want to get a glimpse of the new ParishSOFT Offering and Pledges? Watch the preview video below. In just a few minutes, you’ll get a sense of how easy it is to use!

Currently Using Our Desktop Offering and Pledges?

Please consult your ParishSOFT representative for important differences between the desktop and web-based ParishSOFT programs.

Desktop Offering and Pledges Users

If your parish is currently using our desktop Offering and Pledges program, we know you’re going to love the productivity and web accessibility of the web-based ParishSOFT Offering program. There are a few important differences, noted below.

Important Things to Know Before You Switch

ParishSOFT Offering and the desktop Offering and Pledges program cannot be run side-by-side. While ParishSOFT Offering IS fully integrated with the family and member data in your ParishSOFT database, it is NOT integrated with your desktop database and, therefore, cannot share data with your desktop system. This means that the switch to ParishSOFT Offering is permanent, and functionality and reports in the desktop program will no longer be available to you once you make the transition.

ParishSOFT Offering does not currently accommodate barcode scanning, commemorative gifts, saved family contribution amounts, tab order preferences, direct export to ParishSOFT Accounting or QuickBooks® (though the information for your G/L posting is available from the “Closed Batch List Report”), nor are edits to a range of multiple contributions permitted. Pledge statements and contribution reports are available ParishSOFT’s web-based software.

We’re rapidly building features into ParishSOFT Offering, and as we release new reports and functionality, you’ll have the latest version immediately — we deliver the updates directly through the web, and they are always available at your fingertips, so you never need to worry about updating your software.