Family Directory

Your parish relies on accurate parishioner and sacramental records for all your ministries. Keep track of every family, parishioner, and sacramental detail using the only web-based system specifically designed for Catholic parishes.

ParishSOFT Family Directory delivers a fresh, modern and intuitive interface, redeveloped from the ground up with the help of staff who use our products every day in their parishes. The result is a welcome blend of time-tested functionality with new tools and smarter, faster ways to handle your day-to-day administrative tasks.

It’s all available in a web-based environment that delivers high-efficiency workflows to the parish office. Getting data into your system — and back out again — has never been so fast and easy. And it integrates with your other ParishSOFT products. Best of all, it’s accessible from any device with an Internet connection. And backups and software updates are automatic.

ParishSOFT Has the Top Features Parishes Need

  • Designed to meet the specific needs of churches and schools
  • Integrated with all ParishSOFT products
  • Parishioner Workgroups
  • Parishioner List view
  • Sacraments available from the main window
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder® member-talent tracking
  • “Save & Add New” button for fast entry of new family registrations
  • Search tools to find families and members fast – even children in families with different last names
  • List views that reduce the need to use Access reports or ConnectNow IQ
  • Ability to email any selection of individual parishioners or families
  • Web-based mail merge with easy, secure storage system for templates and merged documents
  • Parishioner login via My Own Church included with purchase
  • Modern interface with fresh workflow designed for efficiency
  • Unique user accounts for each person
  • All records, tools, and pastoral care information available on any device with a web browser
  • Automated data backups and updates

Top Five Features of ParishSOFT Family Directory

  1. Fast, intuitive data entry
  2. Complete Catholic sacramental recordkeeping
  3. Versatile family and member workgroups
  4. Single database that powers all other ministries in your parish
  5. Powerful reporting and communication tools keep you informed and in touch with your entire parish

See it LIVE!

My Own Church is Automatically Included with Family Directory

Accept parishioner record updates from your church’s secure parishioner portal.

Looking to make your census more accurate? Parishioners can register online or log in to update their own names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and even add new members and photos. And you can entrust the spelling of things like “Székesfehérvár” and “Wojciechowski” to those who know best.

My Own Church is entirely paperless, and once your church administrator approves parishioner changes, your ParishSOFT records are instantly updated. There’s no need to re-key any data into your software!

Product Brief


ParishSOFT Family Directory

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A miles long to-do list, parishioners calling on the phone and the pastor needing a report – make inefficient systems an even bigger problem! ParishSOFT Family Directory is designed to simplify church administration for parish staff. Ease your workload, enable staff and volunteer collaboration, and parishioner engagement with anytime access, time-saving workflows and easier ways to do the basics.

How can Family Directory help your parish? Watch to learn more!

To learn more about ParishSOFT’s web-based software and the new Family Directory, contact Sales at 866.930.4774 ext. 6.