Invite and Engage: Clover and the Parish Website

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The parish website. For guests, it may be the first encounter with your parish – what will be their first impression? For parishioners, it could be your platform for engagement – how easily can they enter into parish life?

In order for our online presence to effectively welcome and invite deeper encounter, we must take stock of how and what our website is communicating. Clover, ParishSOFT’s sister company, specializes in helping churches communicate effectively through website design. Below are a few factors to consider when evaluating your current website, or exploring the possibility of a new one, and ways that Clover may be able to assist you.

#1. Beauty.

Regardless of where we are on our spiritual walk, we are universally drawn to what is beautiful. Is your parish website visually appealing? Is it laid out in a way that is clear, logical and well organized?

In addition to the option of “build-it-yourself” and custom designs, Clover also offers 10 design templates created specifically to make your digital presence more attractive and inviting for potential visitors and parishioners.

You can demo any Clover theme by clicking the link: church website designs free-demo.

#2. Accessibility.

Is your site accessible and easy to update? Life is fluid and change is a constant. Is your website equally as responsive?

Clover’s drag-and-drop sections, unlimited pages and integrated forms make updates easy and intuitive.

#3. Mobile responsiveness.

Statistically, over 50% of viewers will see your website on a tablet or mobile device. What will your mobile viewers see? Having a mobile responsive design ensures that visitors will see your content in the way you intended it.

All of Clover sites are mobile responsive, ensuring your parish’s online visitors will have the optimal experience of your site.

#4. Affordability.

While maintaining a website is certainly a justifiable cost, it’s also important to be good stewards of parish resources by finding an economical option that will see you through the long haul.

Choose one of Clover’s design templates, and they will waive the $1000 setup fee, which means you would only be responsible for the $29/month subscription! Find out more here: church website designs

If you know you need more assistance with website content migration, design consultation and graphics, or other resources, Clover Services would be an added value: Clover Services.

Or, if you don’t yet have a website, Clover can also build a brand new site based on your bulletin! Click the link for more details and pricing information: ParishSoft Bulletin Migration.

Share the Message

Each parish’s tone, style and communication needs are different. What is essential, is having a website that enables you to share your distinct mission, vision and invitation to a life-changing encounter with Christ and the experience of Christian community that is unique to your parish.

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Invite and Engage: Clover and the Parish Website

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Invite and Engage: Clover and the Parish Website

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Invite and Engage: Clover and the Parish Website

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