7 Unexpected Benefits of Mobile Giving

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Last year, the number of mobile payments made on smartphones grew by 36%. The increase impacted a range of establishments from DMVs to grocery stores – and even Catholic parishes. Faith-based organizations saw an 18.1% increase in mobile gifts in 2017 – the most substantial increase of any charitable sector.

Ministries across the globe have incorporated mobile giving as a way to donate to churches. They’ve seen firsthand the benefits of giving through a smartphone. One of the top benefits listed is convenience. People can give anytime and anywhere because their smartphone is always nearby (if not already in their hand!). When inspired, it only takes seconds to give.

Even knowing the top benefits, many churches remain on the fence about whether mobile giving is right for them. If you’re considering mobile giving for your parishes don’t hesitate to register for an upcoming online demonstration of ParishSOFT Giving to see additional information on this feature and more! You can also learn more about mobile giving by checking out these 7 unexpected benefits.

1. New visitors are more comfortable giving on mobile devices
The offering part of Sunday mass can be intimidating for new visitors. If they’ve forgotten to bring cash or a check, they can feel as if all eyes are on them when the offering plate goes around. With a mobile giving option in place, parishes make new guests and first-time givers more comfortable. Rather than fumbling through wallets and purses looking for cash, people can quickly sign up to give online from their smartphone.

2. Reporting and tracking for the parish administrator is simplified
When adding a new way to give, it may sound like you’re adding more work for the parish administrator. The reality is mobile giving actually makes reporting easier and less time-consuming. It’s simple to access and read customized reports on mobile gifts. Data is organized, and the control panel you manage donations from is user-friendly. Since givers can sign up and manage recurring gifts with ParishSOFT Giving, more are inspired to do so! This makes it easier for admin to forecast for the parish’s budget while they seamlessly track giving.

3. Some givers prefer the security of mobile giving over cash or check
Many parishes haven’t incorporated mobile giving because they worry about online security. But, did you know that some givers prefer paying bills and making donations online because it’s more secure? Misplaced cash is often never reimbursed or found. Lost checks can be canceled, but it can also take longer to notice the funds missing from the account or the check missing from a wallet. Mobile transactions are quickly processed, so if there are any discrepancies, they can be handled immediately. If you want to provide the most secure online giving experience for your church, check the security level of the mobile giving app.

At ParishSOFT, we’re a Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant Provider. We adhere to the highest level of security standards in the payment card industry. A highly secure mobile app makes givers even more confident (and inspired) to give online, and we provide that for you!

4. People give more when they have easy access to funds
According to a Federal Reserve Study, payments made via check have declined more than 50%. But, payments through direct deposit, cards, and other payment services have more than tripled. As far as cash goes, 2 out of 5 people carry less than $20. People want to give more, but they just don’t have the funds on them like they used to. Mobile giving eliminates this problem because they can give directly from their bank account using a smartphone. Even if it’s their first gift to the parish, the steps to set up an account are simple, and the payment is easy to manage.

5. Mobile giving helps build a connection
When the most convenient way to give is during service times, people don’t have as much room to be spiritually responsible. Remember, many people are inspired to give and connect with the parish during the week. Listening to a Sunday sermon online or seeing images of an outreach event on Facebook can all ignite generosity and further their connection with the parish.

6. Givers appreciate payment technology
It takes time to introduce people to a new method of giving. But, when it comes to mobile giving, people are already paying bills and making purchases from their smartphones. By keeping up with the latest payment technology, your parish allows givers to budget their finances better and streamline preferred payment methods.

7. Collecting contact information is easier
When people give with cash, it’s difficult to know where it came from. This makes it harder for the parish to contact and thank them for gifts, invite them to outreach events, and let them know the impact they’ve made in the community. With ParishSOFT Giving, you can quickly run a report to see giving data, so you can reach out accordingly.

Is your parish ready to experience the benefits of mobile giving? Contact us at 866-930-4774 x6 or parishsoftsales@parishsoft.com and we’ll discuss with you how easy it is to get started with ParishSOFT Giving.

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