Purchase Order

Secure, Web-Based Purchase Order Tracking for Parishes and Schools

Our Purchase Order module allows your organization to create purchase orders to vendors in seconds, and track them in ParishSOFT Accounting.

Managing Purchases

Purchase order management is about getting your parish or diocesan staff what they need with speed, accuracy, and within budget. Our flexible and secure purchase order software gives your organization an effective way to meet the needs of your staff and eliminate paperwork while easily managing purchases. ParishSOFT stores and sorts all your purchase orders in a centralized database so you can easily see your purchasing history or search through past purchases in seconds.

Track Receiving

Receiving is the most crucial link between purchase and payment in your process. Knowing what was delivered, who received it and when it was received is essential. Track all that and more in your ParishSOFT Purchase Order module. ParishSOFT maintains a record of each purchased item which allows the person to quickly check them off as they arrive. When parish or diocesan staff needs to look up purchasing history, everything will be in one centralized location.

Simplified Accounts Payable

ParishSOFT’s Purchase Order module lets you conveniently split purchases between different departments or organizations within the diocese. ParishSOFT gives you the ability to compare items on an invoice to its corresponding purchase order and packing slip. This way, you can find out if you have been invoiced for something you did not order or have not received. With ParishSOFT, not only are all your details in one place, but you would never get lost in a paper trail.

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Enjoy a free, no obligation, live demonstration of our web-based ParishSOFT Accounting software. You will see how the Purchase Orders module allows your organization to track your current spending and gain transparency at every stage of the purchase process. Register online at: parishsoft.com/demos. If you have questions about ParishSOFT’s products, contact us at 866-930-4774 x6 or parishsoftsales@parishsoft.com.

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