Ledger Report Writer

Custom Statements of Activity & Financial Position

Available for all ParishSOFT Accounting users, Ledger Report Writer is a fully integrated, add-on module where users can create custom statements of activity and financial position from their chart of accounts.

Ledger Report Writer allows dioceses, denominational headquarters, and multi-site campuses to query their ledger and produce consolidated statements of activity and financial position for the organizations they choose in the format that chancellors, auditors, business managers, and CFOs need. Organizational headquarters can also build organization-level custom statements of activity and financial position and allow their individual churches and schools read/write access to those reports from their own ParishSOFT databases.

It is also available to individual churches and schools that want to create their own custom statements of activity and financial position for finance councils, business managers, pastors, principals, or committees.


  • Information you need from your chart of accounts in the format you design — delivered in the versatile Excel format
  • Statements that show what you want, in the order you want, with custom rows, columns, order, subtotals, detail and summary sections, statistical data, fonts, titles and subtitles, and page layout
  • Ability to put any accounts together in the same statement — even stack a statement on top of another — for ultimate reporting flexibility
  • Library of reusable, replicable custom statements
  • Real-time, accurate financials directly from your ledger
  • Better support for those responsible for safeguarding funds, ensuring transparency and compliance and sustaining financial health
  • Access to ParishSOFT Ledger Report Writer is included

Like all products in ParishSOFT Accounting, Ledger Report Writer provides secure access to the system from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a compatible web browser. And there’s no software to install or update. Backups and software updates are automatic, so you’ll always have the latest productivity tools for every ParishSOFT Accounting user in your organization.

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ParishSOFT Ledger Report Writer

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Get a sense of ParishSOFT’s Ledger Report Writer’s statement design tools in this screenshot tour of the Ledger Report Writer module’s main areas.