Diocesan Consolidation

Technology to Support Every Parish and School

As the diocesan component of the web-based ParishSOFT Accounting for parishes and schools, Financial Consolidation is the command center that provides complete, dynamic financial reporting from each and every organization.

Financial Consolidation supports your diocesan policies, best practices, and oversight through built-in controls for user permissions, user activity tracking, audit support, chart of accounts management, closed periods, transaction detail drill-down, and the ability to support bookkeeping staff across your diocese in real-time ParishSOFT Accounting is web-based, allowing you to access it from any computer or device with Internet access. Plus, backups and updates are automatic, so diocesan finance department staff can trust that every location in the diocese is using the same version of the software and the same, up-to-date tools.


  • Supports a standard diocesan chart of accounts with a flexible account structure and the option to “lock down” accounts
  • Delivers reports that mirror the activities and ministries of the church
  • Secures parish and school financials in a single database — no import/export or sync required
  • Eases and streamlines reporting at the parish, school, and diocesan levels
  • Allows the diocese to better support pastors, staff, and finance councils in safeguarding funds, ensuring transparency and compliance and sustaining financial health
  • Provides a standard technology environment for training, process control, policy development and implementation, collaboration, audits, and robust support for parishes and schools
  • Allows every parish, mission, and school to have all the underpinnings of a proper fund accounting system — whether the bookkeeping is done on site by a staff person or offsite by a professional accountant at the diocese or another location

Like all products in the ParishSOFT Accounting Suite, Financial Consolidation provides secure access to the system from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and a compatible web browser. And there’s no software to install or update. Backups and software updates are automatic, so your entire diocese will always have the latest software features, the most current tax tables, and the most accurate financial data at your fingertips.

How It Works

Parishes and schools use ParishSOFT Accounting’s powerful yet easy-to-use tools to complete their day-to-day and cyclical bookkeeping and payroll tasks, working within the diocesan chart of accounts in a system designed to support diocesan controls and sound accounting practices. Each organization has its own unique user logins and financial data set within the larger diocesan ParishSOFT Accounting database.

Diocesan finance administrators log in from any Internet connection to access the secure financial information they need for any individual organization or the entire diocese at any time, for any period.

Substantial Cost Savings

“Pulling the numbers for workers’ compensation for the insurance company is now a matter of minutes instead of days. Our internal controls are better, and ultimately, we will generate substantial cost savings by having one and the same system in place.”

Aad de Lange
Chief Financial Officer
Catholic Diocese of Jackson, MS

More Financially Intelligent

“We’re covering a lot of new ground. But already, parishes have given their finance councils and altar societies limited access to get into the system and see reports. Some have discovered funds they didn’t know they had. At the end of the day, our parishes are going to be more financially intelligent and much better off than they were before.”

Tony Chap
Parish Resource Manager
Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, ND

A True Picture of Where We Stand

“Manual systems leave way too much room for error. Priests and their finance councils need to have statements of financial position, activities, and dedicated accounts to get a true picture of where they stand.”

Denise Hanson
Accounting and Parish Review Coordinator
Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD

Product Brief


ParishSOFT Diocesan Financial Consolidation

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Church accounting made easy! Watch our overview of Financial Consolidation

Preview the User Interface

Get a sense of ParishSOFT Accounting’s powerful tools, controls, and friendly workspaces for parish and school staff in this screenshot tour of the software! Get a glimpse of the main areas of each module, including Financial Consolidation Manager, Ledger and Payables, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable.