Ongoing Promotion Checklist

The most successful online giving programs are those that are kept “in the news” on an ongoing basis. Continue to grow your ParishSOFT Giving income by blending your own creativity with the checklist items below. Please note that these don’t need to be done in any order, just plan ahead for what will best meet your needs.

Download a printable version of the ongoing promotion checklist.

Build awareness campaign

You can look for ideas in our Marketing Kit! Incorporate themes that will resonate with your various demographics.

Post financial results

Report on online versus envelope donations. Consider reporting monthly income rather than weekly in printed and pulpit announcement. Provide quarterly reports, as well. Include with promotional inserts, pledge drive appeals, etc.

Report on the number of families giving online

As your numbers increase, make it part of your church dialog, especially during a special awareness campaign or when you reach goals (50, 100, etc. givers).

Recognize online givers

Thank them during Mass—ask them to stand up if your numbers are large enough. Send thank you letters to families.

Ask for and share testimonials

Ask families in person or via email why they like ParishSOFT Giving, and get permission to publish their comments with their names.

Share success stories from the internal side

How is ParishSOFT Giving benefiting your church? Tell your members. When conducting a special campaign, report your results.

Learn and address members’ concerns

Not signed up for ParishSOFT Giving yet? Why not? You can use our FAQs to answer questions from members. Post FAQs on your website and train staff with how to respond to these questions.

Test drive for members

Create “false personas” for members to test with and set up kiosks or other stations in your church.