We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Download these pre-designed, customizable resources. Add your church name, logo, url…. whatever you like! These resources are formatted to be easy to print and use right away.


Customize and print these half-page handouts that explain different aspects of giving through ParishSOFT Giving. Stock your pews with these, post to them your announcement board, or insert them into mailings.

Download: Benefits Printout | Envelope Printout | Security Printout | Senior Givers

Offertory Cards

It’s important your parishioners feel comfortable giving online. Some may be reluctant to make their financial contributions online because they want to participate in the offertory collection at Mass.  This is when an offertory card might help.  We have provided offertory card templates, sample offertory card wording, and how to get offertory cards printed.

Download Offertory Cards

“I Gave Online” Cards

Stock your pews with the “I Gave Online” cards so that those who are giving don’t have to feel awkward about passing the offering plate without making a contribution. As members notice others using the “I Gave Online” cards, they’ll feel more comfortable trying out ParishSOFT Giving.

Download “I Gave Online” Cards

Parishioner Letters

As you’re getting started with ParishSOFT Giving, it may be helpful to send out a couple of mailings to get parishioner’s attention. Send out the program introduction letter to stress the benefits of ParishSOFT Giving early on in you launch. Follow up with the thank-you letter a few weeks later.

Download: Program Introduction Letter | Thank-You Letter


Choose from a few different designs and color schemes. These posters can be placed in your parish doors and bulletin boards to remind givers of their new giving options!

Download Posters

Website Button Graphics

Encourage your parishioners to give online with a ready-to-use website button graphics.  There are several phrases and color options are available to choose from both in JPG (with a white background) and PNG (without a background) file formats. Simply download the graphics, select one to add to your existing website, and link it to your online giving webpage.

Download Website Button Graphics