Incentivize members to get started with ParishSOFT Giving by running a marketing campaign. Our campaigns include ideas for promotions, prizes, and ways to track the progress of your campaign. There’s also a checklist to help you customize the campaign and use it at your parish! Preview the campaign options listed below, and for the full campaigns, just download the campaign worksheets.

Be a Saint

Plan a campaign to coincide with All Saints Day or another feast day that is meaningful for your church. Set a goal for an achievable number of givers, and offer an incentive to families who make any online gift during this time-frame—this group can include members already using ParishSOFT Giving.

Download Campaign Worksheet

End-of-Year Giving

The end of the year is a great time to promote ParishSOFT Giving. Often people are looking to make a tax-deductible end-of-year contribution, and what better place to give to than their own church? Remind members that giving online means less transaction time—the money goes directly from their account to yours—and they can view and print a giving report at anytime, which is handy for taxes!

Download Campaign Worksheet

Snowbirds & Vacationers

Keep track of parishioners who go out of town for a season (or even just a weekend) by pinning their locations on a map prominently displayed in your church lobby. Encourage parishioners to stay connected through ParishSOFT Giving. They can set up contributions before they leave! Their gifts will be processed and received as scheduled, regardless of where they are!

Download Campaign Worksheet

Special Funds

If some of your members are having a hard time letting go of their envelopes, try introducing ParishSOFT Giving to them by using it for payments and special funds. Add special funds so that members can pay for retreats, fundraisers, etc. via ParishSOFT Giving. They’ll acclimate to the system without having to give up the familiarity of their envelopes or make the decision to switch right away.

Download Campaign Worksheet

Why Not?

It can be challenging to provide enough incentives and reasons for your members to give and for donors to make their donations easily though ParishSOFT Giving. It is loaded with features that make giving via the Internet and registration for your parish events easier than ever before, some fun and catchy slogans and low-cost promotional materials will encourage awareness and usage.

Download Campaign Worksheet

How did it go?

Let us know how your campaign does! If you’ve got a great story or even just ideas of how to make these campaigns better for other parishes, we’d love to hear your insights. Let us know!