Use these announcements on your website, in your bulletin, or from your pulpit to promote online giving. Use these announcements as they are or, better yet, personalize them to make them fit for your parish. We’ve included announcements for several different situations and themes to encourage you to change up your message throughout the year.

Download a printable version of the announcements.

Launching Online Giving

Week #1 of Launch

We’re pleased to announce that [Your Church Name] now provides online giving through software called ParishSOFT Giving. This is a convenient and safe way to make a one-time or recurring donation. Getting started is easy—just visit our website, [], and click our online giving link. When you participate, your gift will transfer directly into the parish bank account. And you won’t have to remember to write a check or stop by the ATM on Sundays! [Optional: And if you still want to place something in the offertory basket, just pick up one of our “I GAVE ONLINE” cards on your way into church and use that at offertory time.] You can find out more about online giving in this week’s bulletin.

Week #2 of Launch

Last week we announced that we’re now offering online giving. If you manage your bills online, why not give to your church online? It’s safe and secure, and you decide exactly when your gift is made and where it goes. So if you forgot your envelope last week, [or if you missed our second collection], you can go online and make a gift to the [special collection] fund or our regular offertory. Please check the bulletin or visit [] to find out how to give online. [Optional: Or take a test drive today and make a “pretend” gift on one of our parish laptops after mass. We’re using a false persona for these test drives, so go ahead and give millions if you like! Volunteers are available at each laptop in the gathering space to answer your questions.]

Week #3 of Launch

Thank you to the [many or xx actual number] families who have come on board and signed up with ParishSOFT Giving. Your gifts and your participation are a blessing to us. This convenient giving option is available from our church website at []—just click the link that says online giving. When you participate, you can view your giving history and pledge progress any time just by logging in. Learn more in this week’s bulletin.


Beginning of the Year

Track Your Giving in [insert new year]!

Have you considered using online giving? By creating a login and contributing online you’ll always have a report of your giving history available. You can access your report easily and securely via the web, and your information will always be up-to-date with your latest contributions. You can find the online giving link on [].

New Year’s Resolution

This year, we encourage you to make a New Year’s resolution that will make a big difference for you and [Your Church Name]: commit to consistent giving. This can be difficult, but we have a tool that will make it just a bit easier. Those who give online tend to give more and give consistently. Through our secure ParishSOFT Giving program, accessible from [], you can set up recurring or one-time gifts, contribute to specific funds, and see your giving history at any time.


Lenton Discipline: Stewardship

Lent is a time of discipline. And the discipline of stewardship—of planned and consistent giving—is appropriate for this time. As you spend time in contemplation this season, consider planning your giving for this season as well as seasons to come. You can use ParishSOFT Giving—our secure giving option accessible through our church website—to plan and give this season. You can use Online Giving for your regular tithes or to contribute to special funds. You can find the online giving link on [].

Help Your Parish Out by Using ParishSOFT Giving!

You can probably tell from just the church bulletin that we get pretty busy this time of year! [List some of your seasonal activities]. You can help us out by using ParishSOFT Giving instead of giving by envelope. Did you know church staff spends approximately [your churches # of hours] hours processing checks/cash contributions every week, but it only takes [your churches # of hours/minutes] to keep tabs on what we receive online? That’s because online gifts go directly from your bank account to ours… no physical processing required! ParishSOFT Giving is secure and easy for you to use. Just look for the link on [].

Spring Time (Growth Season)

Watch Your Giving Grow as You Help Us Grow Our Ministry!

If you give through ParishSOFT Giving—our secure giving program, accessible from the church website—you can watch your giving grow this season… and throughout the year! When you create a login, your gift and pledge history will be stored so that you can access it at any time. This will allow you to accurately assess how much you’re giving to which fund so that you can make informed decisions and plan your future gifts. It also helps us in the church office; there’s much less processing for online gifts than for envelope gifts!

Memorial Day (Beginning of Summer)

Keep [Your Church Name] in Mind During Your Summer Travels

Have fun on your summer vacations! We know you’ll be out of town for a few Sundays this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate through your regular tithes. With ParishSOFT Giving you can contribute from wherever you are…you can even set up payments in advance if you like! And when you give online, it helps us make our budget, even when attendance is low. Visit [] for the online giving link.

Your Church Staff Enjoy Vacations Too!

Help us save a little extra time this summer by switching from giving via envelope to giving online. It takes much less time for us to process online gifts (and we bet it will take less time for you too!) We could really use the extra time this summer, and we think you’ll like the easy-to-use and secure ParishSOFT Giving program. Look for the link on [].

Beginning of the School Year

Simplify by Giving Online

Looking for ways to simplify your busy back-to-school schedule? Try ParishSOFT Giving. It’s a secure and easy way to tithe and make other contributions. You can even set up automatic payments that will occur periodically so you don’t have to worry about remembering when to give. Look for the link on [].

Fulfill Your Offertory Commitment and Pay Your Tuition at the Same Time*

If your children attend [Name of Parish School], then you’re now accustomed to our ParishSOFT Giving system. Did you know that we also accept tithes and other contributions through ParishSOFT Giving? If you choose to give online, you can set up automatic payments, check your giving history, and make your contributions from anywhere and at any time you like! We like it when you give online because it’s easier for us to process online gifts.

*Only use this one if your church accepts school tuition through Online Giving.


Give Thanks by Giving Online

We have much to be thankful for! Consider using ParishSOFT Giving to make a special “Thanksgiving Gift.” You can use the “Quick Give” feature to give a one-time gift without creating a login, and you’ll see a list of our special funds from which you can choose to contribute. We’ll also be giving thanks when you use ParishSOFT Giving because it’s so easy for us to process!

End-of-Year (December)

Don’t Forget, Gifts to [Your Church Name] Are Tax-Deductible

If you are considering making a tax-deductible gift before the end of the year, consider funding our ministries at [Your Church Name]. We appreciate the generosity of our members, and we even have ParishSOFT Giving, a safe and secure way for you to contribute via the web. Funds are transferred directly from your account to ours, and when you login, you’ll be able to view a report of your transactions that shows your total tax-deductible contributions. Look for the link on [].


You Don’t Have to Take a Rain Check on Your Offertory Support

Even when the weather is bad and you can’t make it on Sunday, you can fulfill your Offertory support! With ParishSOFT Giving, you can give from anywhere and even set up contributions in advance. This creates a safer flow of cash for [Your Church Name] because we know when we can expect your support, and it allows you to participate in giving even when you can’t make it here. Look for the link on [].