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Please note that priest workshops can be presented as Demonstration or Hands-On Workshops.

Accounting Workshops for Priests

Accounting Reports (Beginner)
During this workshop we will dive into the key reports that would be beneficial for you to know and help you understand what financial information is displayed on each report so you can better monitor and manage the financial health of your parish.

Dashboards & Finding Information on Screens (Beginner)
This workshop will help you understand what key information is available to you in ParishSOFT Accounting and where to find it.  We will provide an overview of the accounting dashboard and some of the primary information screens.

Getting Key Financial Information for Your Parish (Beginner)
Pastors need an understanding of the Financial Reports and how to get important information for the parish without needing to know how to use all the entry screens of the accounting system.  This workshop will focus on the key areas that are important for the pastor to monitor parish financials to help make decisions for the organization.

Tracking Budgets & Projects (Beginner)
Learn how to use reports to compare actual budget totals to your budget amounts throughout the year and how creating effective projects in the accounting system can you help you more efficiently obtain valuable reports.  Both features can help you more closely monitor the financial health and track important details of your parish.

Family Suite Workshops for Priests

Family Suite Reporting (Beginner)
We will review the key census reports that will help you better understand the demographics of your parishioners as well as their level of engagement in areas such as ministry, religious education and donations.

Family/Member Information & Communication Tools (Beginner)
This workshop will review the family and member information available to you in the ParishSOFT Family Suite.  Then we will demonstrate the communication tools available within the program to help you more fully engage your parishioners.

Key Insights for Pastors from ParishSOFT Family Suite (Beginner)
Learn how to quickly look at key reports and metrics to better understand your parish community and to know where to focus your efforts to best support your mission.  These reports are founded on a few key data standards your staff needs to know to help you get the most from ParishSOFT.