ParishSOFT Announces New and Expanded Partnerships with Twelve Arch/Dioceses

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Ann Arbor, MI — ParishSOFT announced today new and expanded partnerships with twelve arch/dioceses across the United States.

The arch/dioceses that switched to ConnectNow or expanded their products with ParishSOFT in the past year include: the Archdiocese of Anchorage (Alaska), the Archdiocese of Atlanta (Georgia), the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (Texas), the Diocese of Camden (New Jersey), the Diocese of Colorado Springs (Colorado), the Diocese of Columbus (Ohio), the Diocese of Laredo (Texas), the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin), the Diocese of Richmond (Virginia), the Diocese of Rochester (New York), the Diocese of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada), and the Diocese of Youngstown (Ohio).

These twelve arch/dioceses collectively serve more than 4.7 million Catholics across the United States. Each arch/diocese’s decision to select one of ConnectNow’s time-tested products was rooted in its proven ability to provide secure software that encourages collaboration and real-time, web-based reporting capabilities at all levels of an organization.

The Diocese of Camden, with 66 parishes across six counties, chose ParishSOFT’s ConnectNow Accounting software over QuickBooks to improve the monitoring and control of sensitive data across the diocese. As Carolynn Thompson, Director of Budget and Financial Liaison for Parishes and Schools noted, “It allowed us to customize how we wanted across all our entities and schools.  With ParishSOFT we now have control so our parishes cannot change things, which eliminates the concern regarding fraud.  We have full visibility regarding financials at all times. ParishSOFT has been amazing to work with and overall it was the way to go.”

“We took a look at other solutions, but they just weren’t as robust, and they weren’t tailored to address our needs in our diocese like ParishSOFT,” noted Lynn Mooney a Database Developer with the Diocese of Richmond, which switched all their products to ParishSOFT in 2016. “Currently, a good deal of my time involves report writing, so I look forward to our parishes using ConnectNow. It will provide better time management and flow of information between parishes and the diocese to put more hours back in my day.”

ParishSOFT is focused exclusively on Catholic dioceses and parishes, so they can be empowered to make a positive difference in the lives of their parishioners and in their local communities. ConnectNow’s web-based software is currently available for Census, Development, Giving, Accounting, and Religious Education for both dioceses and parishes and can be accessed from any device with Internet access.

About ParishSOFT

Since 1998, ParishSOFT has been committed to providing the highest quality church management software for Catholic Churches throughout the world. Today, ParishSOFT’s mobile church management and accounting systems – including ConnectNow Family Suite, ConnectNow Accounting Suite, and ConnectNow Diocesan Suite – are in more than 9,000 parishes and in more than 173 arch/dioceses. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our guiding principles, we empower churches with the technology and service they need to achieve their missions. For more information, visit  

About Ministry Brands

Ministry Brands is the leading SaaS platform for churches and other faith-based organizations in the United States, and is the owner of ParishSOFT. Ministry Brands leadership and ParishSOFT’s General Manager Timothy J. Sember work to identify and implement technology solutions that allow pastors and church executives, technology professionals and administrators to carry out their Biblical mission with excellence, relevance, and efficiency. Ministry Brands’ suite of solutions includes church management, accounting, giving and payment processing, and website development software. For more information, visit

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ParishSOFT Announces New and Expanded Partnerships with Twelve Arch/Dioceses

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ParishSOFT Announces New and Expanded Partnerships with Twelve Arch/Dioceses

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