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Hands-On Workshops

Accounting Workshops

Ledger Report Writer Basics (Beginner)
Use the Ledger Report Writer module to create custom financial statements in ParishSOFT Accounting. Learn how to create some basic reports that will be helpful to your organization.  Take advantage of personal instruction from ParishSOFT staff while using the Ledger Report Writer in a test environment.  Collect what you learn from this workshop to take full advantage of the Ledger Report Writer module.

Transaction Entry (Beginner)
Review how to enter transactions in ParishSOFT Accounting.  Learn ParishSOFT best practices when entering Bills, Deposits, Journal Entries, and Memorized Transactions.  You may even find some time saving tips!

Family Suite Workshops

Family Directory Basics (Beginner)
This workshop will focus on best practices for entering families and available search and filtering options.  Learn how to avoid adding a duplicate family when adding new families to your system.  Understand how the filtering and sorting options work within the program to access the data you are searching for more efficiently.

Offering Basics (Beginner)
This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of ParishSOFT Offering and how to effectively track family and member contributions.  This includes creating batches, posting contributions, editing contribution postings, and common reporting.  The tools you learn will help you be more efficient in your contribution management process.

Parish IQ (Intelligent Query) (Beginner)
In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to get the parishioner data you really need from your database.  It’s easy, and you can do it – without having to master any advanced database skills!  You’ll create lists that bring your data to life, export your lists to Excel or do a mail merge.  You’ll learn how to build queries for Family Directory, Offering & Pledges, Religious Education and Ministry Scheduler that can help you more fully engage with your parishioners.

Religious Education Basics (Beginner)
How can the Religious Education module work more effectively for you as you prepare for the upcoming school year? Find out in this hands-on training class! Learn the best practices in ConnectNow Religious Education to leverage the power of the software for the benefit of your educational ministry and parishioners. By the end of this workshop you will understand how best to setup your terms, sessions, and classes so you can more effectively manage your Religious Education program for the coming year.

Sacrament Entry (Beginner)
Learn how to manage sacramental details for each of your members using the special fields designed for Baptism, Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, and Funeral.  Discover how accurate sacramental data lets you take advantage of the software’s sacramental notifications and certificate templates and provides reliable sacramental reports, parish statistics, and Kenedy reports at any time.

General Workshops

Engaging All Generations in Today’s World (Intermediate)
Do you struggle to stay up to date with all the available ways to communicate today, wonder what really works or what tools you should be using? In addition to print media does your organization utilize, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, text, and email to communicate with parishioners and your community? Do you know what all those platforms are and if they are actually effective? Join us for this workshop to explore the changing ways we all communicate and how you can leverage them to reach the different generations within your community. By understanding how each generation communicates you can better utilize tools that will reach a broader range of those within your parish. Once engaged people become involved, they have a better sense of belonging which will help them remain active Catholics for many years to come.

New Employee On-boarding & Learner Management with ParishSOFT PATHFinder (Intermediate)
During this workshop we will answer one of the most common questions we hear from our customers; “How can we best on-board new employees who utilize ParishSOFT Products?” Turnover is a reality for the majority of parishes we serve, and effective on-boarding processes can greatly improve the success of new employees and reduce costs. Join us for this workshop where we will discuss the employee on-boarding processes, challenges and new solutions with ParishSOFT’s PATHFinder Learning Management Tool.

Preparing for the Unexpected (Intermediate)
It is human nature to believe something bad: a fire, medical emergency, theft or shooting won’t happen at our parish. But what if it does? It can be a devastating time. Having procedures in place when the unexpected happens can alleviate some of the stress that occurs with such events. In this webinar we will discuss phases of emergency management, the types of emergencies a parish might face, why it is important to have procedures in place and publicized prior to an emergency, data backup plans and how you can use ParishSOFT and other methods to communicate with your parishioners if something does happen. As a takeaway we will provide you resources that can be used as templates to create a plan for your parish.