How Church Management Software Benefits Your Clergy and Staff

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Managing parish details can take a significant amount of time. Many members of the clergy probably wish they could spend all their time connecting with people, serving others, and making a difference for the Kingdom. However, we all know that administrative tasks are necessary, even if they aren’t on the forefront of our minds.

If the administrative software and tools are integrated and all work together within a complete church management solution, your parish staff will be able to further your parish’s mission with much less operational burden.

Ease-of-use consistently ranks as the most important purchase criteria for parish software among faith-based organizations. Integrated church management software (ChMS) is one critical way to simplify parish operations. With integrated ChMS, you’ll have access to everything you need for your ministry to run smoothly.

So, what is church management software?

Church management software (ChMS) is computer technology created specifically for parishes, so administrators, clergy, staff, and volunteers have the necessary tools to engage their community, stay organized, and expand as membership grows.

With a ChMS that integrates with other parish software, parish staff will be able to streamline behind-the-scenes administrative work. Rather than having siloed platforms for membership, online giving, accounting, communications, website, and security, a complete church management solution cohesively ties all the tasks into one system. This means fewer logins and passwords to remember, and more importantly, all the tools work together.

Benefits of Integrated Security and Background Checks

Aside from streamlining productivity and decreasing administrative burden, ParishSoft is committed to helping you keep your parish and parishioners safe. That’s why we’ve implemented our new Safe Environment Program (SEP) for parishes. The SEP is a complete package that provides comprehensive safety efforts for parishes and dioceses.

Below, we will discuss the benefits to your staff of having an integrated ChMS with a Safe Environment Program.

Requirements and Classes

Tracking various components within your ChMS and safety software is important. It’s helpful for parish staff because certain requirements are automatically linked to individuals based on the roles in which they are assigned.

With integrated security features, your parish staff will be able to understand which religious education classes they’ve started or completed. Track people’s profiles and view any errors or issues that arise.

Customized requirements make it easy to view where people are at in the process based on their role within the parish.

Background Checks

A key strategy to ensuring the safety of your parish and parishioners is to implement background checks. Our integration with Protect My Ministry allows for screening submissions and status updates.

Having a background screening solution in place is critical to finding the right staff and volunteers, especially when it comes to protecting kids in children’s ministries.

Your parish staff will appreciate the ability to check the status of a volunteer’s background check and to be able to send out a reminder if it needs to be renewed.

Automated Notifications

A great safety feature is automated notifications. Get notified when new individuals are added. Then, the staff can view their status and communicate with these individuals as needed.

When requirements are completed, an automatic notice will be sent. If there are any issues along the way, an alert will trigger the need for attention. This will save your clergy and staff valuable time because they won’t have to continually research various information in people’s profiles.

Church Management and Safe Environment Package

Your parish staff works hard to serve the people in your parish and community. Now, you can make it easier for them with a complete church management system.

The ParishSOFT team and software will help streamline your processes to free up more capacity for ministry to take place. If you want to see how integrated ChMS and safety can help your parish, contact us today!

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How Church Management Software Benefits Your Clergy and Staff

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How Church Management Software Benefits Your Clergy and Staff

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How Church Management Software Benefits Your Clergy and Staff

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