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Safe Environment Program for Parishes


How We Serve

Catholic parishes have a unique need for a full featured Safe Environment solution that goes beyond submitting background checks. Parishes and Dioceses need to capture, track, and report on the full life cycle of people’s involvement in their ministries. Whether they are clergy or lay ministers, volunteers or paid personnel, whether they are serving in worship services or religious education classes, parishes and dioceses need to know that all requirements have been met, trainings have been completed, screenings have been submitted and passed, and that all results and historical assignment activity is available for review and acceptance.

Due to ParishSOFT’s existing data on parishes, families, members, volunteers, and clergy, we have a special opportunity to provide a full featured solution that will help our Catholic customers ensure that their parishes and ministries are a safe and protected space.

Here’s What Parishes and Dioceses Gain from SEP

  • Customized requirements (screenings, applications, trainings, approvals, reviews, USCCB, etc.) based on roles, automatically linking to individuals based on the roles they are assigned
  • Tracking of status, completions, errors, issues, expirations, and re-certifications of requirements
  • Automatic calculated counts required for annual USCCB National Audit
  • Automated notifications of new individuals, requirement completions and issues
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry for screening submissions and status updates
  • Historical records for role start/end dates, requirement completions/issues

Optional integration with existing ParishSOFT family, member, religious education, and ministry data to populate SE records

Interested in integrating with training tools or other 3rd party providers like Virtus? Give us a call. Let’s chat.