Why Your Parish Needs Integrated Church Management Software

Every parish has pain points. These areas seem to be hold-ups, areas of frustration, and mundane tasks that always take much longer than they should. If your church is stuck on these pain points, then you need Church management software, or in short, ChMS. You know your parish better than anyone, so your pain points may be different, but here are a few common pains that online church management software can help with:

  • Your parish is trying to use software and programs that are not specifically designed for the Church, and it’s just not cutting it.
  • The amount of time you spend on data entry feels wasteful.
  • It’s nearly impossible to track down member information.
  • You have no idea if your parish is growing in attendance and/or giving.
  • There’s no system in place that lets parents’ check-in their children, so you continuously worry about security.
  • When you need to communicate with your entire congregation or a specific segment, there’s no easy way to do it.
  • Event planning is unorganized, scattered, and inefficient.
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers feels like a full-time job.

ChMS is computer software designed for churches and other religious organizations to manage everything within the church. A robust and integrated ChMS is necessary to help streamline all aspects of managing the church as it grows to include giving, donor engagement, and church management together, freeing you up for ministry and less time on the to-do tasks or the pains.

To help you find the BEST uses for a ChMS for you, here are some FREE resources you’ll love:

  • View the infographic: “The Power of Smart, Simple and Integrated Church Management Software.”
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