Why Your Parish Needs a Parish App

According to Comscore, when people are consuming digital media, 57% of that time is spent using mobile apps. Some parishes have mobile-friendly websites, but if your parish doesn’t have a parish app, you might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to gain interaction and attention from your members.

Here’s a video from MinistryOne that demonstrates what a good mobile parish app does.

A Parish App Offers Homilies
When your parishioners want to dig deeper, repeat a message, or watch mass while away, there’s no better way than through a good mobile app. You can offer individual messages and series, accessible through an easy-to-navigate menu.

While the app can offer direct integration with sites like YouTube or Vimeo, the app itself is a much more streamlined place to help parishioners find the messages they want to hear—without the distractions of a social media website.

A Parish App Receives Prayer Requests
The key to a good app is to make it a useful tool for your parish. By having an app that receives prayer requests, you allow parishioners to open a line of communication quickly and easily when they need it most. Requests can alert clergy and leaders to the needs of their parishioners.

A Parish App Can Become a Giving Portal
Online giving for parishes continues to increase, and recent studies show that 15% of all online giving to parishes happens online. As people become more reliant upon digital giving, making it easy and enjoyable is important for modern parishes.

A parish app affords the ability for your members to give with only a few clicks and can help streamline all your operations.

A Parish App Alerts Members to Events
Today, parishes have more going on than just Sunday morning and Wednesday evening mass. Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Prayer, Youth Group, Jr. High, Singles ministry, outreaches, calls for parish maintenance and volunteers—and more—are all part of an active community. Communicating upcoming events with your parish each week is crucial, and an app can be a key tool in letting everyone know what’s happening next.

A Parish App Can Be Custom Designed
The good news is, not all parish apps have to look alike. While many parishes rely upon pre-created templates, a good parish app will allow you to customize the look and feel of the app to reflect the aesthetic and mission of your parish. Colors, images, icons and more can make your app uniquely your own.

Start Creating Your Parish App
If you’re exploring parish app possibilities for your parish, fill out this form and select a time to get a free, personalized demonstration of how MinistryOne can empower your ministry.

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