8 Reasons Your Parish Should Have an Email Newsletter

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In addition to a weekly bulletin, parishes have often used weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters to better communicate with parishioners. As costs to produce newsletters have increased and budget funds designated for them have decreased, they have all but vanished from churches. Instead of replacing them with digital versions, many parishes abandoned the practice altogether.

Here are 8 reasons your parish might consider sending an email newsletter.

  1. Email newsletters keep all parishioners informed:
    For any number of reasons, many of our parishioners may not be able to attend Mass at their parish home on a given weekend. Online bulletins can be a great resource for staying up to date, but even something as simple as looking up news on the parish website can be the extra step that acts as a barrier to keeping parishioners informed. The result is that many of our parishioners are unaware of events or happenings at the parish. Delivered right to their inbox, email newsletters can bridge the gap and keep everyone in the loop on important parish happenings and opportunities to be more engaged in parish life.
  2. Email is the commonly accepted way for organizations to communicate:
    We receive emails from dozens of companies every week. Whether it’s a sale notice from our favorite online shop or a notification from a social network, we are used to getting emails and scanning them for important information. A parish email newsletter offers parishioners an opportunity to quickly identify the information that is relevant to them in a way that naturally fits with their lifestyle.
  3. Email newsletters merge communications and allow for in-depth information:
    If you were to get a separate email for each activity or ministry in the parish, it would be way too much. One simple newsletter that covers all the ministries of the church is much easier to digest for parishioners than individual emails. Some age-level ministries may need their own newsletters, but those should be the exception.
  4. Digital newsletters are cheaper and provide a higher ROI print:
    The high cost of printing and postage is one reason many have transitioned their newsletters online. Your ParishSOFT software can help you reach your parishioners with the news they need in a way that is cost-effective.
  5. Email allows immediate action:
    This might be the most important reason to have an email newsletter for your parish. With one click, parishioners or guests can take action. Whether that’s signing up for a religious education class through My Own Church, registering for an event, or donating to a special collection using ParishSOFT Giving, email offers the recipient the opportunity to act immediately without having to remember to do so later—removing a significant barrier to participation!
  6. Analytics track what gets attention (and what doesn’t):
    Analytics tracking are details on how your email performs.  It could be the number of email open or clicks to certain links.  But if you are sending an email promoting VBS, for example, it could be how many people registered after the email is sent. As the sender of the email, you can see what is of interest to those who read it. That can help you know where to place important information or what to include (or exclude) in future newsletters.
  7. Increased awareness of online giving increases stewardship:
    If your parish uses ParishSOFT Giving, reminding your parishioners about that option in your weekly newsletter is a must. Especially for those who may be traveling, the added convenience of a small button with the option for giving electronically may be the difference between tithing or not.
  8. Including reflections can aid in building discipleship:
    Email newsletters can also be a powerful way to address the spiritual needs of your parishioners and friends of the parish. Consider including reflections, readings from the saints, prayer requests, or the daily Mass readings to help parishioners enter into the liturgical season and prepare for Mass the coming Sunday.

ParishSOFT knows that both communicating with your parishioners and streamlining the work of your parish staff is important, and we are here to help. To discuss how our web-based software can help in your parish’s mission, please call our sales department at 866-930-4774 x6 or email parishsoftsales@parishsoft.com.  We look forward to hearing from your parish soon!

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