Four Ways to Effortlessly Improve Donor Communications

Texting in a Catholic Church

Over the last 20 years, there have been dramatic changes in the way we communicate. Rather than using snail mail, a home phone, or physically driving to a location to get information, people jump online using their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. And they do this from home, coffee shops, work, and even in grocery store lines.

Studies show that by 2020, the average person will own 4 internet-connected devices. That’s why communicating online is smart for churches that want to engage with every generation and improve donor communications. The challenge is rising above the noise and getting your message heard. To help, here are 4 effortless ways to improve donor communications (and a few tools that help).

1. Identify the different ways donors communicate

Since the internet, all age groups have adjusted how they exchange ideas and information. And there’s no shortage of options for how to communicate! Prepare for those different preferences by utilizing multiple ways to reach out.

One way to achieve this is with your online giving tools. Text giving, a mobile app, Facebook app integrations, and giving pages on your church’s website lets donors choose their preferred way to give and communicate. Reporting tools help church leaders and admins identify how donors like to be reached and how often they prefer to give.

Take donor communication to the next level by adding a church app to your online giving plan. MinistryOne keeps everything in one place. Prayer requests, sermons, events, and giving takes seconds to access. Plus, parish leaders and admins enjoy integrations, customizations, and features that make it incredibly easy to manage small groups, sign-ups, and more.

2. Create a heartfelt communication calendar

When finalizing a generosity campaign, don’t just stick the donor information in a database to collect dust. Communicating throughout the year, beyond fundraising for your parish, is key to building relationships. A heartfelt communication calendar goes beyond raising money, so it never feels like a one-off donation. Remember, each donor communication should be a fluid movement that leads to the next church fundraiser or giving campaign.

A heartfelt communication calendar should include individual dates for the donor such as birthdays, or it can involve reaching out to a group like recurring givers. There’s still time to create a communication calendar for your Year-End giving campaign when sending those last-minute reminders and first few thank you notes. And be sure you add a future date to reach out to donors beyond sending the thank you to keep communications flowing.

3. Use brevity (and longevity) strategically when reaching out

When reaching out to donors, use brevity to your advantage. People spend an average of 15 seconds looking at an email, text, or social media post before moving on. And let’s face it—who has more time to spend than that with information coming at us from all angles!

Your job is to capture the attention of donors with just a few words. Keep the message short and to the point regardless if you’re asking for a gift or merely touching base. Not only will the brief, yet meaningful, message be well received, but it will also be appreciated because it adds to their day without taking away those precious moments in it.

In the same vein, some people expect more information. This helps them decide if the specific donation or the church itself connects with them. Provide a link leading to a page with more substantial content, like your parish’s mission statement or the details about a specific campaign.

4. Keep the message fresh

It’s easy to hit auto-pilot when it comes to your generosity campaign, especially when applying a formula that you’ve seen success from. But over time, donors start to notice they’ve heard it all before.

To improve donor communications, keep your message fresh and relevant. Even a few small tweaks to your giving campaign can give it a lift and make it stand out. Updating images, adding videos, and offering more than one cause to donate to are just a few ideas.

Let ParishSOFT provide you with a comprehensive online giving solution to help improve donor communications and increase giving. Feel free to call at 866-930-4774 x6 or contact us online to learn more or get started right away!

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