3 Ways ChMS Integrations Impact Your Parish’s Giving

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You may not realize it, but church management software (ChMS) empowers ministries to better connect with their parish. Because the technology aligns with your church’s vision and integrates with systems you already have in place, it’s simply easier to focus on growth and engagement. You’ll notice this in many areas like sending emails, planning events, and bookkeeping.

One surprising area that ChMS integrations impact is your parish’s donations. These numbers can seem wildly unpredictable when you don’t have the right systems in place for tracking and following-up with givers. Here, we dig a little deeper to learn how the right integrations can positively impact your giving numbers (and make life easier for admins).

ChMS integrations are designed to save time and money

When working on your parish’s budget, it’s crucial to factor in every dollar—including how much time it’s going to take to complete certain tasks. After all, when you save time, you save money (and ChMS integrations are designed to help you do both!). Here are a few essential ChMS features that give admins more minutes in their day.

  • Easily track giving
  • Allow automated follow-ups via text, phone, or email
  • Track progress for events and group classes
  • Assign interactions to group leaders for follow-up conversations
  • Send notifications inviting people to future events

With the features above, you prevent repeating processes, never miss a follow-up, and can track progress that promotes giving growth and participation. Administrative duties are reduced, and this free time can be used to further the ministry.

ParishSOFT Family Suite seamlessly integrates with our online giving platform, ParishSOFT Giving, and provides all the time-saving features listed above!

Numbers appear where they should in your parish database

Another way ChMS integrations impact giving is the numbers land where they should in your parish database, making it easier to track and identify giving trends. Not only does this reduce the steps admins have to take when managing finances, but it also decreases errors that can be misleading when balancing the parish’s funds. With ChMS integrations in place, your parish can forecast and budget with confidence!

Features are tailored for parish admin (at all skill levels)

Let’s face it—some of us enjoy using technology, and others would rather stick to pen and paper. But, even if you love technology, when it isn’t tailored to your specific needs—it makes it twice as hard to adopt in the parish office. When choosing a ChMS, digital giving platform, or other software, make sure it’s designed to meet the unique sacramental needs of the Catholic Church, so the parish’s needs are met.

Also, the best ChMS integrations are manageable at every skill level. By taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with the control panel, you can seamlessly utilize all the features that impact giving numbers.

Learn more about how to increase giving using digital giving tools and ChMS integrations by reaching out to the experts at ParishSOFT! Call 866-930-4774 x6 or fill out our online form to learn more!

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3 Ways ChMS Integrations Impact Your Parish’s Giving

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3 Ways ChMS Integrations Impact Your Parish’s Giving

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