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ParishSOFT Family Suite Training


Clicking on any of the bulleted items below will open a new browser window with that video. Keep in mind that some videos are full-length courses that may take upwards of one hour to complete, while others are short video lessons, created to help with a specific topic within the program.

Onsite Training

If you have several staff members who need extensive training, consider inviting a trainer to come to you. We also recommend coordinating with other parishes in your area—you can schedule live training together and reduce costs.

Benefits of Onsite Training

  • Schedule a time that fits your schedule
  • Learn in your own space, at your own computer
  • Hands-on practice in a training database
  • You’ll have the full attention of a ParishSOFT trainer, who can gear and pace the session to specifically meet your team’s needs
  • Live, onsite training is the best way to get your staff comfortable with the software and up and running at full speed

Requirements / Considerations

  • Classroom area with computer space and data projector and screen for instructor
  • Internect connection with sufficient capacity for multiple users
  • Computers for trainees
  • Class size is limited to 25 trainees—if you’re coordinating with other parishes and will have more than 25 trainees per class, we will need to schedule additional sessions to accommodate everyone

Pricing / Costs

  • Our Professional Services team will charge their hourly rate
  • Travel expenses including airfare and accommodations for ParishSOFT trainer

End of Year

End-of-year reporting involves more than executing an end-of-year tax statement. Reviewing your database for missing information, auditing fund accounts and Excel reports, make end-of-year clean up a breeze. This webinar will show you how to complete the end-of-year checklist and generate your end-of-year statements with confidence. In addition to the traditional paper statement process, we will also cover how ParishSOFT Offering & Pledges e-statements can provide cost effective, timely, and accurate giving statements to the givers who support your parish’s financial needs.



Before running your End-of-Year (EOY) contributions statements, it’s important to do some advanced preparation to ensure that your statements and your mailing information are accurate and complete. This checklist outlines the steps you’ll want to complete for your EOY processing. You may also want to watch the video above for assistance.

  1. Audit family names and addressees.
  2. Review fund names and settings for accuracy.
  3. Optional: Create a signature image to insert into your statements.

Electronic Statements

Electronic contribution statements are also available in ParishSOFT Family Suite’s Offering and Pledges program. They’re simple to create and deliver to your donors.

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