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Facility Scheduler

Keep your parish running smoothly with ParishSOFT Facility Scheduler. With Facility Scheduler, you can effectively organize your parish’s master calendar of events, facilities, and equipment with ease and confidence.

Schedule Meetings and Events with Confidence

Space can be a scarce resource for parishes, and without a single source of truth for booking events, it’s easy to double-book a building or over-schedule personnel. But with Facility Scheduler, you’ll never have to worry about double-booking again! Facility Scheduler tracks the event’s date, time, room or off-campus location, arrangement instructions, staff, and more in a single tool.

Have More Productive and Successful Meetings

With Facility Scheduler, you can give your ministry groups, classes, committees, and even outside rentals the spaces and equipment they need to have productive and successful meetings. Your parishioners and fellow staff will appreciate that you have attended to every detail.

Keep Leaders and Parishioners Aware of Upcoming Events

With a single source of truth for all events and meetings happening at your parish, you can easily keep your parish leaders and congregation up-to-date on upcoming events. With Facility Scheduler, you can also schedule one-time, recurring, or even multi-day events with ease.

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Facility Scheduler