For Parishes

Why Parishes Choose ParishSOFT

Across North America, parishes and diocese trust ParishSOFT to help them coordinate with their parishioners, manage all aspects of church ministry, accept and track contributions online, ease the administrative burden on parish staff, and much more.

Save Time and Money

ParishSOFT saves parishes time and money because it was specifically designed to help Catholic parishes in their ministries. ParishSOFT works with parishes and dioceses to continue to improve the software and provide the solutions that parishes and dioceses need to strengthen and grow their ministries.

Access Your Records from Anywhere, Anytime

ParishSOFT is browser-based, so you can access your records from any Internet-connected device. Whether you’re at the office or at home, all your records are just a click away. And, because ParishSOFT is browser-based, there’s no need to upgrade your software. All backups and software updates are automated.

Get Parishioners Engaged in the Church

With ParishSOFT My Own Church — ParishSOFT’s parishioner portal — individual members and families can go online to update their personal information, view and download their giving history for tax purposes, and even see upcoming ministry opportunities and assignments.

Make Giving More Convenient

Close the contribution gap with ParishSOFT. With our online giving capabilities, parishioners can set up one-time or recurring donations from the comfort of their desktop or smartphone. Even when they’re away from their home church, they can still give, making income more predictable. Giving has never been so easy.