End of Year


This webinar covers the processes involved in closing the calendar year. We will discuss 1099’s, W2’s, and fiscal year closing if your fiscal year ends in December.

Couldn’t attend or missed the webinar? A recorded version is available below.


This checklist outlines the steps you’ll want to complete as part of your End-of-Year (EOY) reports and processes in ParishSOFT Accounting. Step-by-step instructions are available below.

Ledger and Payables

  1. Print End-of-Year reports (shown in the videos below).
  2. Process End-of-Year (shown in the videos below).


  1. Complete final payroll of the year.
  2. Set up W-2s.
  3. On the W-2s Employee Information page, click the Reprocess All button.
  4. Print W-2 review report and edit W-2 information as needed.
  5. Print W-2s.
  6. Electronically file W-2s (optional)


Tax Forms

Forms W2, W3, and 1099 may be printed either on blank, perforated paper or pre-printed forms. The IRS does not require the red copy for ParishSOFT Accounting’s forms, which meet the specifications as defined in IRS Pubs 1141 (section 1.3.02) and 1179 (section 1.3.1).

2018 Tax Tables

Tax tables for 2018 were updated with your December 2017 release. Once your EOY processing for 2017 is complete, you’re all set to move into 2018.