What Our Customer Said at Nexus 2017

At Nexus 2017, ParishSOFT’s annual users’ conference, we had the opportunity to speak with customers and conference presenters about how ParishSOFT’s web-based solutions have impacted their work and ministry. The following videos were taken from these in-person interviews.

To view interviews, short video highlights, and please go to: parishsoft.com/customer-testimonials-nexus-2017

How ParishSOFT Has Helped Our Customers

Learn from customers who changed to the ParishSOFT solution to reduce their workload, save money for their church and connect more effectively to their parish families.

Why Select ParishSOFT?

“When you look at the money you save with ParishSOFT online suites, the ease of it, and the support you have to use the software, when compared to other products, there is no question that you get more help with ParishSOFT than you would anywhere else.”

Kari Feldmann
Saint Elizabeth Pastorate, IA
Archdiocese of Dubuque
Dubuque, IA


“I’ve always been impressed with ParishSOFT’s kindness.  To be able to be a part of ParishSOFT who is helping us with technology, but also has the same mission as us, it is really important.”

Patty Sermersheim
Saint Joseph
Diocese of Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN


“We have an opportunity to share with our parishioners, including a large immigrant community, how they are welcomed to be active members of the parish community. With ParishSOFT we can make it a more seamless, integrated, easier and engaging experience.”

Cristy Jordan
Saint Joseph
Diocese of Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN


“The thing my committee was so exited about with ParishSOFT was the synchronization with the diocese. And ParishSOFT also had a really good feel for the Catholic market. We didn’t have to talk to them about what sacraments were-they understood Catholic parish management.

Before ParishSOFT, our diocese never had good, accurate information about the youth. Over a thousand youth would come to a diocesan-wide rally, and we wanted to track them so when they went to college we could notify the Newman center. That’s a time when they fall away from the church, and we were looking to plug that hole. It was huge for us to be able to access that information electronically and immediately. ”

Dawn Wolf
Diocese of Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD


“Our criteria for choosing new software included price, support, training, company stability, customer satisfaction, software capability, and the ability to convert current data. To accomplish these goals, we carefully explored over 30 different product lines. We believe that we have found an application, ParishSOFT, which will meet and perhaps exceed your needs.”

In using the ParishSOFT application, their willingness and ability to work with parishes and the Archdiocese, and their commitment to training and enhancements of the application are unparalleled which makes them the recommended software application for the Archdiocese of Boston.”

Parish Planning and Systems
Archdiocese of Boston
Boston, MA


“Not only for myself, but for the people I train, the software is easy to learn and use. Because I have an IT background, I tend to learn it quicker than those who don’t. But the software is so user friendly, they become comfortable with it quicker than I expect. Sometimes I think, “This isn’t going to be a good one, I’m going to pull teeth and nails,” but then they call back and say, “Hey, this is great! I’ve learned this and I’ve done that.” The software gets great feedback from the parishes.”

L’Tanya Crosby
Archdiocese of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD


“Our parishioners like the new technology-like last year when they got great financial reports with nice big pie charts they’ve never had before. They can register for religious education to without having to put all their information in again because it’s already there. Transferring from one parish to another is simple-we just pull their information from their previous parish. They can’t believe that’s all there is.”

Ron Appel
St. Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Church
Diocese of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, FL


Family Suite

“Last year, I printed only about 100 to 150 statements. My Own Church has saved us time, money and made it convenient for our parishioners.”

Amy Wall
Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart
Diocese of Des Moines
Alkeny, IA


“As a new employee I’ve been using the software for just under two months. I feel like it’s user friendly. I’m actually excited to learn more about it and to utilize more aspects of it.”

Lauren Carney
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Washington, DC.


“I had no training prior to the transition, but I was able to get up and running quickly!  It is not only easy to use, but also easy to learn, and the layout is very intuitive and find what you need.”

Valerie Bishop
Church of St. Mary
Providence, RI


“We switched from Parish Data Systems (PDS) because we felt that ParishSOFT was a better fit for our needs. ParishSOFT gives us the reports we need to send to the diocese and is more user-friendly than PDS.  The Religious Education staff really like ParishSOFT Religious Education. We would recommend ParishSOFT’s web-based software for other churches.”

Jenny Pogue
Diocese of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


“Yes, I would absolutely recommend ParishSOFT to other parishes.  ParishSOFT Family Suite is easy-to-use, keeps track of baptismal, first communions, and more, as opposed to going back through all their previous paperwork. It allows us to could track our records electronically and has allowed us to be much more efficient with our data entry.”

Cynthia Carreon
Diocese of Amarillo
Amarillo, TX


“I would recommend it because the navigation is so much easier and has great reporting!”

Diane Winkler
Diocese of Metropolis, Chicago-Greek Orthodox
Chicago, IL


“We have staff of many levels of computer literacy. . . each of us is equally impressed with the ease of use of the ParishSOFT products. To date, we have not had an issue that could not easily be resolved, either by ourselves, or by contacting Support directly. We have found the customer service during this transition to be excellent! We are very impressed!”

Renee Barr
Cathedral of St. Peter
Rockford, IL


“In today’s environment, businesses and professionals require just the right information at the right time. The Church, immersed in this same environment, has the same urgency to response to people’s needs. ParishSOFT products and technology have become an excellent tool for the pastor and office staff to respond to these needs.”

Deacon Ignacio Torres
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
El Paso, TX


“It’s quick, online, and easy to use…. We’re doing it all in ParishSOFT Offering & Pledges. I love how fast I can pull up the numbers for how much we have in cash and pledges and how many families have made a pledge.”

Amy Smith
St. Patrick’s Parish

Diocese of Grand Rapids
Portland, MI


“ParishSOFT has helped me in so many ways! As a Religious Education Coordinator, I need to create yearly school calendars, maintain accurate attendance reports and communicate effectively with the families enrolled in our various programs. ParishSOFT allows me to do all of these things! Prior to ParishSOFT, everything I created was done manually with Excel and Word. Now, everything I do is created by using ParishSOFT. It is amazing and saves me so much time.”

Christine Shepard
St. Paul Catholic Church
Eugene, OR



“The cloud-based ParishSOFT Accounting has made a huge difference in the dioceses I’ve worked in. It gives us better control, standardized processes, and has definitely made it easier to support our parishes. When they call me or any part of the diocesan team, we can just log in, see exactly what they’re seeing, and show them as we fix it.”

Jennifer Cantrell, CPA
Chair of the Archdiocesan Financial Council
Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Albuquerque, NM


“We started the transition in 2014 after bringing in business managers to review various accounting software packages. ParishSOFT Accounting is the one they found the best product. Comparing the usability and benefit overall with other accounting products and their existing systems, ParishSOFT Accounting clearly rose to the top.”

David Fleury, CPA, Director of Accounting and Audit
Diocese of Lansing
Lansing, MI


“I had no accounting experience when I became back up to the bookkeeper, but ParishSOFT Accounting was so user-friendly it was easy for me to learn. When the bookkeeper did retire, I was able to take what I learned from the first ParishSOFT users’ conference and make my job so much more efficient, which is important because I have five separate parishes. And it’s just so user-friendly, that’s the biggest thing, and the support.”

Kari Feldmann, Bookkeeper
Saint Elizabeth Pastorate, IA
Archdiocese of Dubuque
Dubuque, IA


“ParishSOFT is the heartbeat of a Catholic church’s financial matters. Everything that goes on around the finances needs to be tied together and protected with good internal controls.”

James Jordan, CPA, CFE, CGMA
Auditor, Author, Educator and Consultant to Catholic Parishes


“I worked for 40+ years as a controller, and I’ve used a lot of accounting systems. ParishSOFT Accounting is one of the easiest and most intuitive programs I’ve ever used. I love it! Non-accountants should find it easy to learn and use.”

Richard Kraus
Sacred Heart Parish
New Carlisle, OH


“With ParishSOFT, a busy school secretary without a formal accounting background can produce professional-level results efficiently and without the big learning curve typical of other accounting solutions of this caliber, and that’s vital to our business processes and mission at OCS…. We feel like we’re in the midst of much more than a transition to new accounting software. With ParishSOFT, we’re building a partnership and relationship between two mission-driven organizations that are devoted to serving the church.”

Ken Rasp
Owensboro Catholic Schools
Owensboro, KY


“…our parish and school staff considered which systems are the most user friendly while providing the best internal controls, and which would help us realign our reporting to mirror the activities of the Church in ways that secular accounting systems cannot. We believe that ParishSOFT is the best product in the marketplace for parish accounting software.”

William Weldon
Diocese of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


” ParishSOFT’s Ledger and Payables system lets me fully support my New Jersey parish from my office in North Carolina. And because the system is Web-hosted, parish staff can log in and get exactly the information they need at any time. In our previous system, they had to call me with every question.  ParishSOFT offers us a secure yet highly collaborative environment for church accounting.”

Jeanne Colpits
St. David the King Parish
Princeton Junction, NJ



“We switched from legacy ParishSOFT online giving to ParishSOFT Giving. It took a little while, but we got everybody switched over, and they love it.  Making it easier for the parishioner will not only keep them coming back, they’ll also want to give more. And we’ve noticed that offering online giving has increased all our giving.”

Kari Feldmann
Saint Elizabeth Pastorate, IA
Archdiocese of Dubuque
Dubuque, IA


“To date, everything with ParishSOFT Giving has been great. The customer service is tremendous. There are resources to assist in getting adoption in the parish. We could not be happier with the way that ParishSOFT Giving has integrated into our parish.”

Kalel Dennis
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
Cambria Heights, NY


“I love ParishSOFT and Online Giving. It’s very user-friendly and support is wonderful.”

Betty Vogel
St. Elizabeth Seton Parish
Carlsbad, CA


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Online Giving process! St. Mary’s is a high priority for our charitable gifts – our girls are thriving at St. Mary’s school and the parish is like family. Although we are relatively new to the church, we feel very welcomed! Online Giving is the way to go for three reasons:

You never forget! Funds are automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account so there are no last minute trips to the ATM or writing out a check.

It’s environmentally sound – no paper giving envelopes that the church has to print ( they are only to be opened and discarded) and no paper checks – it’s all electronic which saves time and trees!

You always have a record of your giving history – very important around tax time!

I highly recommend it to other families who have access to the internet!”

Parishioner Letter to the Pastor
St. Mary Parish
Winchester, MA


“We just started to use automatic withdrawal for our Sunday Contributions and Debt Reduction payments [ACH Module]. It has worked out really well so far. I can’t believe how easy it was to set up. And of course Tech Support was always there to help me through each step.”

Peg Elwarner
St.Thecla Parish
Clinton Township, MI


Support and Training

“When I had a support issue when we first got started, and they fixed the issue quickly and it works great!”

Valerie Bishop
Church of St. Mary
Providence, RI


“Support is wonderful! They not only solve my issue, but show me how I can do it myself the next time.”

Pam Tanguay
Diocese of St. Pete
St. Petersburg, FL


“The updates being performed by ParishSOFT takes a lot of work and effort off of our parish staff and volunteers.”

Jim Niespodziany
Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend
Fort Wayne, IN


“The development team is receptive to new ideas and each update incorporates new features.  If you are a parish that is looking to improve and to add value moving forward – ParishSOFT will be a good partner.”

Nathan Meehling
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Saint Paul, MN


” ParishSOFT Family Suite is easy-to-use. I like being able to customize my view so the information I need is right there which saves me time. Plus, ParishSOFT listens to our feedback! They have made improvements in the system when we have asked for them.”

Lori Borek
Blessed Sacrament Parish
Diocese of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI



“Our implementation has gone very well. The parishes love the application… ParishSOFT’s willingness and incredible ability to work with our diocese is unparalleled… their commitment to training and improvement of the application should easily makes them THE vendor of choice for any parish or diocese searching for an information solution.”

IT Coordinator for an Archdiocese


“I am very impressed with the classes and the extra mile that everyone is going and it makes me very comfortable and glad to be working with people who are kind and extremely capable. I have every confidence in your company and solutions.”

Danielle Klinedinst
St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Hanover, Pennsylvania


Web-Based Technology and Ministry

“Our parish decided to upgrade from a desktop application, which we felt it was outdated and needed to be online.  We did not initially want to change, but now are so glad that we did. I would absolutely recommend this to other parishes. It is very user friendly, volunteers can pick up on it very easily, and the help guide is outstanding! The software is online, which I like, so I don’t have to worry about backups and updates which is really nice!”

Tamra Hendrickson
Diocese of Cheyenne
Cheyenne, WY


“ParishSOFT Accounting supports the New Evangelization and ministry because when people donate and are engaged, they want to know their donations are being properly cared for and well-treated.  It is important to know that the money that is coming out of their pocket is going to find it’s way to the intended destination and ParishSOFT helps with that tremendously.”

David Fleury, CPA, Director of Accounting and Audit
Diocese of Lansing
Lansing, MI


“The way that we live in this world today involves technology, reaching out to people where they are at….Being fluent and versatile in technology is really important for ministry.”

Father David Webb, Associate Pastor
Christ the King
Diocese of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK,