St. Joseph Serves Parishioners with Best Practices and ParishSOFT Technology

Posted on June 21, 2016

by Merry Nordeen, St. Joseph Parish


(Left: Merry Nordeen uses all these ParishSOFT modules to run the St. Joseph Rectory and Office of Religious Education)

When I started working at St. Joseph Parish, the parish was using an archaic program that tracked its offertory and not much else. It quickly became a priority for me to see the parish upgrade to a new and improved software program. After considerable research, we decided on ParishSOFT. We work with all the ParishSOFT Modules, Family Directory, Religious Education, Ministry Scheduling, Offering and Tution as well as My Own Church, Bulk Mail, Online Giving, NotifyNow, and Parish IQ. With ParishSOFT, we are completely automated, and information is only a click away.

As the administrative assistant for both St. Joseph Rectory and the Office of Religious Education, I use ParishSOFT on a daily basis to serve our parishioners. Whether it be looking up contact information, printing sacramental certificates, updating tuition statements or creating a mailing, ParishSOFT plays a crucial part. I can print mailing labels in minutes; quickly see who needs to send in their baptismal or confirmation sponsor information; or who has a balance on their Religious Education bill.

The tuition module has made my work much simpler. By updating the tuition template and the tuition totals report, I can print out a list of books for my religious education book order. No more manual updates to Excel spreadsheets!

NotifyNow has absolutely changed our lives. Religious Education cancellations, reminders, and updates are sent in minutes by phone, email, or text!

The Bulk Mail Module makes sure that our addresses are correct and up to date. No more expensive fees for returned mail.

My annual reports for the archdiocese are a breeze now that we enter Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Marriages, and Funerals, as well as tracking Religious Education numbers.

If ParishSOFT does not have a report for what I need, I can either write my own in Microsoft Access or quickly write query in Parish IQ.

In my opinion, one of the greatest features of ParishSOFT is the ability to mail merge parishioner information into Word documents. I never hand write a parishioner envelope when I can sent a neatly printed envelope by using mail merge. I can do this in seconds. Our latest achievement was printing over 3,000 mail merged Easter letters with a unique salutation to each parishioner in the letter. People said they felt so special receiving a personal letter from the Pastor. This could not have been possible without ParishSOFT.

On a side note, a software program is only as good as the support it receives. I have worked in the customer service industry for many years and ParishSOFT support is unparalleled. Should I choose to call, I always reach a friendly human voice, and the knowledge level of the support team is impressive. Issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Since our decision to convert to ParishSOFT, the Archdiocese of Boston had declared ParishSOFT to be the preferred parish census software for the Archdiocese. It’s nice to know that we made the right choice, but we already knew that.

Submitted by ParishSOFT User:

Merry Nordeen, Administrative Assistant
St. Joseph Parish
173 Albion Street
Wakefield, MA 01880