Why is ParishSOFT moving to Azure?

Posted on February 19, 2018

Enhanced performance and security are among the many benefits for users.

ParishSOFT’s commitment to continuous improvement means faster and more reliable web-based software for our customers with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

You rely on ParishSOFT for software that is easy-to-use, dependable, and able to meet your organization’s needs, both now and in the future. We are honored by your trust and dedicated to serving you with excellence. As your long-term partner in ministry, Ministry Brands – ParishSOFT’s parent company – determined that Azure will enable us to build, test, and deploy, our web-based software with greater efficiency as we scale to meet the needs of our parishes and dioceses.

ParishSOFT will be on a significantly higher performing infrastructure, so customers can expect an improvement in overall software speed. While this enhancement will not impact the look, user navigation, or functionality of our web-based software, there are some exciting benefits of Azure we want to share with you.

  1. Increased performance. ParishSOFT will be able to update your software with greater speed and efficiency. This will enable us to provide software updates quickly and easily.
  2. Improved development. ParishSOFT’s Development Team, who develop and maintain your software, will have access to modern tools.
  3. Enhanced disaster recovery. Your parish will continue to enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected. With Azure, your organization will have enhanced automated protection and disaster recovery tools, should disaster strike.

Azure will assist ParishSOFT in providing our customers with secure, web-based software, with more tools and functionality than ever before. Customers will be migrated in several phases starting in March 2018 (timing is subject to change).

Interested in learning more? Contact us at 866-930-4774 x7 to hear more or visit parishsoft.com/demos to see a demo of our web-based software for yourself.


Download why ParishSOFT is moving to Azure

One thought on “Why is ParishSOFT moving to Azure?

  1. It was our understanding that Azure was going to improve the speed of the ConnectNow program itself. Speed of the program is the largest complaint we received from a survey we conducted regarding CN. In our last diocesan seminar for our parishes we told them that we were told the speed of the program will be improved with Azure. This publicication mentions overall software speed because “ParishSOFT will be on significantly higher performing infrastructure.” The 3 benefits that are emphasized seem to be for the company benefit. It is our highest hopes that the program itself will see an increase in speed and reliabilty.

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