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Posted on August 08, 2017


“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual understanding.”
– Rollo May

Empowering parishes to communicate more effectively
My parish is like a home away from home.  It’s a safe place with people who care about me, my family, and my personal walk with Christ.  That trust was built after many years of fellowship and spiritual guidance that has strengthened my relationship with the Lord. During those years, I’ve seen a lot of last-minute changes and cancellations. Dedicated staff and volunteers do their best to notify the right people in time, but getting the message delivered to those parishioners and ministry leaders has been an ongoing and usually stressful challenge. Somebody always shows up to a cancelled meeting because they didn’t get the notification. In today’s age of instant information, it’s time for our parish to think about automating our communication efforts with a service that is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Why better communication is so important
Chances are your parishioners have never been busier.  That makes reaching them in the event of an emergency or with last-minute schedule changes a challenge.  And getting out a list of people to manually call can waste time when every minute counts.

Even when it’s not an emergency, your parish can benefit from using ParishCast. Perhaps your parish is having a special event, or offering unique mass times due to Christmas, Easter, or a holy day of obligation.  Or maybe there something that needs to be communicated to a small group of people, such as reminders for staff meetings or church council members.  In all those scenarios, ParishCast can help you to reach everyone –  from wherever you are to wherever they are – quickly and easily.

ParishCast reduces barriers
ParishCast also helps you reach people across generational and cultural barriers to further your mission and boost stewardship and ministry. Time is a priceless resource in the ministry of your parish. That’s why ParishCast gives you the ability to connect others quickly and easily.  The steps for sending a message are easy:

  1. Choose your group
  2. Create your message
  3. Send your message
  4. Successful, direct communication!

ParishCast is cost-effective, with pay-as-you-go and discounted annual pricing. This flexible system makes communication easy and affordable for staff and ministry leaders at your parish.

The tools to effectively connect with others
To ensure that your parish’s mission is fulfilled, you need to communicate with parishioners, visitors, and ministry leaders.  That’s why ParishCast provides you numerous ways to send messages including by phone, text message, email, social media messages, and even a custom mobile app, which lets parishioners stay on top of your church’s notifications without even having to check their email, voice, and text messages. With ParishCast, your messages can be used for all your parish’s messaging needs, such as: events, schedule changes, quick surveys, emergencies, weather related scheduling changes, volunteer signups, prayer requests, devotionals, and much more. It truly is easier than you may think to get connected with your church community.

Email performance reports are included, telling you who opened your email message and which emails bounced back as undelivered. With email formatting options and templates to get you started with email messages, text messages, voice messages, or text-to-speech, you will always have the resources and the options you need to improve communication at your church.

Interested? We are here to help.
Are you interested in learning if ParishCast is right for your parish? Contact our sales team at 866.930.4774 ext. 7 or visit to find out how we can help to ensure that your parish’s message is heard anywhere!

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