Our Lady of Perpetual Help Saves Thousands, Keeps Pastor on the Go

Posted on June 21, 2016

by Lisa Sliker, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish


Bill Glover, Lisa Sliker, and “Pastor on the Go” Fr. Erik Arnold

We are so excited to share our success stories!!! Our Lady of Perpetual Help has been trying to use technology to connect with parishioners for the past three years. The problem was we did not have a good understanding of our parish family nor the most accurate data for them. We had three different databases managing four different business purposes, none of which contained the same data – NIGHTMARE!!!.

We successfully used My Own Church (MOC) to re-census our parish and consolidate our multiple databases into one database. The results – thousand of dollars saved in administrative costs by reducing postage, casualty insurance and offertory administration. As an added bonus, since we no longer need as much postage, we will save even more money on our postage machine rental expense.

With accurate data and email information we can now provide pastoral freedom to our “Pastor on the Go” – as he can access parishioner information anytime, anywhere for visiting the sick and homebound. Or for those awkward moments when Father may run into a parishioner in the ice cream aisle of the supermarket, Father can acknowledge the familiar face with a “hey you.” Then as he rounds the corner, quickly look up the family name through My Own Church, recall Johnny’s name and greet him properly by the time he runs into Johnny at the check-out. Also, with our completed pictorial directory, we will have the ability to upload our parishioner family photos into our database, so our entire parish staff can connect faces with names.

A strong family directory aids in the creation of new ministries. For example, we wanted to reach out to our young adults to schedule social events and make them aware of faith formation opportunities. Before ParishSOFT, we would labor through many address books to try to find our young adults. Now with a few clicks of a button we can generate a mailing list of all our registered young adults in just a few minutes.

We now send creative email blasts of upcoming events, timely. Parishioners can register online and so much more! Our forthcoming savings and changes are endless as we continue to explore additional options of integrating business function and technology. Thank you ParishSOFT for turning our nightmare into pleasant dreams!!!

Submitted by ParishSOFT User:

Lisa Sliker, Parish Administrator
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
4795 Ilchester Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043