Diocese of Joliet selects ParishSOFT Accounting

Posted on June 21, 2016

May 10, 2010
Contact: Michael Cusick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 866.930.4774

Ann Arbor, MI—ParishSOFT LLC announced today that the Diocese of Joliet has selected ParishSOFT as the standard church accounting software platform for all of its parishes.

Joliet’s diocesan finance council and a council subcommittee began the process of evaluating new software in January 2009 with the goal of standardizing parish financial reporting and providing the accurate, consolidated data the diocese needs to conduct informed, strategic planning. After surveying parish staff and carefully evaluating the software options that would best fit their needs, Joliet’s team narrowed their search to a few potential vendors that met their criteria, including ParishSOFT.

The subcommittee then interviewed staff from other dioceses who have implemented standardized technology, and in February 2010, the council unanimously approved the subcommittee’s recommendation to partner with ParishSOFT and their ParishSOFT Accounting suite.

ParishSOFT Accounting will support the standard diocesan chart of accounts and allow the diocese to provide all parishes with standards and guidance in recording and reporting their financial data. The Web-based suite offers convenient, secure Internet access as well as the closed accounting system and security the diocese needs to maintain transparency and accountability in each parish.

Bishop J. Peter Sartain has given his full support to both the standardization initiative and the adoption of ParishSOFT as a standard technology platform, asking pastors and parish staff for their full cooperation to make their implementation a complete success. Mike Cusick, ParishSOFT Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said, “The Diocese of Joliet conducted high-level due diligence with their software vendor finalists, and their choosing ParishSOFT is a testimonial of the highest honor to the quality of our software and the reputation of our company. We are fully committed to the success of their implementation.”

ParishSOFT will provide consolidated financial reports to the Diocese of Joliet, which means the parishes will no longer be required to compile and submit laborious Diocesan Annual Reports. In addition, with all parishes using a common accounting software package and a standard chart of accounts, the diocese and its parishes will have opportunities to support each other, share best practices, and implement data management standards—collaborative efforts made possible by the adoption of standard software tools.

According to Toni Higgenbotham, auditor in the Diocese of Joliet’s Finance Office, several parishes have been asking for this type of guidance from the diocese, and many are looking forward to not having the responsibility of managing their own program updates and data backups, which are handled automatically in the ParishSOFT Accounting system.

ParishSOFT will be working with the Diocese of Joliet in the coming months to accomplish standard and advanced data conversion, system implementation, and comprehensive product training for diocesan and parish staff.

The ParishSOFT Ledger and Payables and Payroll modules will be implemented across 131 parishes over a scheduled, two-year timeframe. Of the 30 parishes that volunteered for the initial implementation pilot program, the diocese selected 15 parishes to go first.

With implementation in its early stages, ParishSOFT and the Diocese of Joliet have a common goal in sight: to position the diocese and all its parishes for a more organized and effective financial future, where accurate information allows for informed planning and a healthy church community.

About the Diocese of Joliet

The Diocese of Joliet can trace its beginnings back to the 1670s, when Fr. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet’s explorations led them to missionary service in what is now northwestern Illinois. At that time, the diocese was mapped as the most remote outpost of the Diocese of Quebec. Bishop J. Peter Sartain presides over an area of 4,281 square miles in seven counties, 68 schools and early childhood education centers, and 131 parishes and missions that serve more than 658,000 Catholics.

About ParishSOFT

Founded in 1998, ParishSOFT offers a complete suite of church management software and services that reduce administrative workload and connect the Church with staff, parishioners, and families. ParishSOFT continually invests in improving its software and web solutions, as well as adding new features and products. ParishSOFT presently serves more than 4,000 parishes and their products have been implemented in 40 arch/diocesan offices.