5 ParishSOFT Tool Tips Every Pastor Should Know

Posted on April 26, 2018

As you well know, the majority of a pastor’s focus lies outside the proverbial four walls of your church. It follows, of course, that the way you communicate in your daily interactions is a profound opportunity to help people experience God’s love and the welcome of the Church. One of the many points of interaction where parishioners and visitors will encounter you, and the parish, will be through your technology tools.

Whether it is equipping your church council and volunteers or encouraging your parishioners to engage, having the right tools can significantly change their experience of the parish. Here are 5 tips for leveraging your ParishSOFT tools that will help ensure you are connected with your parishioners.

1. Adoption is everything

You may have selected the most powerful products on the market to serve your parish, but if users find the experience cumbersome, it should come as no surprise that they will not use it. Consider devoting resources to helping inform parishioners of how to use the software and highlight one or two happy parishioners in your bulletin who have used the software successfully to encourage others to sign up as well.

2. Give the power to your parishioners

If the expectation of real-time information for all your parishioners is left to you or a select few parish staff or volunteers, you run a significant risk of information growing stale.

My Own Church, your online parishioner portal included with ParishSOFT Family Directory, allows individuals to manage their own information, including census, giving, religious education, ministry involvement and more. It is also their source for contribution statements and the parish’s online pictorial directory (for parishioners who have opted in), which further engages and empowers your parishioners to connect with the parish and with each other.

3. Knowledge enables preparation

Events at any parish can be a logistical challenge, which is only compounded when you do not know how many will be in attendance. Highly customizable online forms from ParishSOFT Giving allow you to easily build and track registration information, collect money for the event (or not), and much more. Giving forms are not only intuitive and simple to use for parish staffs, they also provide an important convenience for parishioners.

Eliminating the struggles and manual work of collecting paper registrations means parishioners are that much more likely to actually fill out their form in a timely manger – allowing you to be better prepared for your next great event

4. Foster generosity at your parish

Generosity is lived out in a myriad of ways – for example, generosity of time. To support gifts of time and talent, provide your volunteer leaders (small group, home group, etc.) with a platform to organize your parish’s master calendar of events, facilities and equipment with ease. Another way to assist your volunteers and parish staff is to provide them with powerful online scheduling and ministry management tools such as Ministry Scheduler.

Similarly, financial generosity can be nurtured by providing a way for your parishioners to give online and at giving kiosks using ParishSOFT Giving. Not only can they give through a website or via text messaging, they can also view their giving history without having to contact your parish staff – a convenience for parishioners and time-saver for parish staff

5. Improve communications

These days, people are busier than ever. This can make reaching your parishioners, especially in the event of an emergency, a challenge. ParishCast is ParishSOFT’s rapid notification system enabling you to reach God’s people quickly and easily, across multiple devices, at a moment’s notice. ParishCast helps you reach people across generational and cultural barriers to increase your parish’s mission and boost stewardship and ministry. Not only is it easy to use but cost-effective as well.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the products offered by ParishSOFT, please call our sales department at 866-930-4774 x7 or email parishsoftsales@parishsoft.com.  We look forward to hearing from your parish soon!


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